Welcome to the family of future political prisoners, dear Manuel!

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Good news comes from the battle front against the planetary oligarchy. Opinion leaders from the international conservative movement are persecuted, a sure sign that their speech enjoys a growing audience. Thus, I find that my German friend, the well-known journalist and civic activist Manuel Ochsenreiter, is being prosecuted in three countries at the same time: Ukraine, Poland and Germany. What is he charged with? According to some mainstream media resources, this dangerous man seems to be not only a Russian agent of influence because of his cooperation with RT or the conservative site Katehon.com, a professional spy of Kremlin,  who is serving Putin’s  official propaganda. He succeeds in being at the same time – horribile dictu! –  a dangerous terrorist, as a true hero of Hollywood movies. The authors of the published article www.observer.com exhaust all possible epithets of the one to be presented as a public danger: the German activist is a neo-Nazi, right-wing extremist, fascistoid, and former collaborator of an MP from the party Alternative for Germany. And to completely denigrate this man, the article mentions as a compromising relationship his friendship with the famous Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin. In addition, Manuel Ochsenreiter is associated with Polish political prisoner Mateusz Piskorski, who is guilty of his favorable position to overcome some old animosities between Poland and Russia and to establish cooperative relations between the two countries.

Such stupid stories do not inspire a minimal credibility for any man with a minimum of analytical ability and critical spirit. But in the context of a total media warfare orchestrated by Atlanticist centers of influence this kind of storytelling is harmonizes perfectly with general narrative of the new Cold War triggered against Russia. And whoever dares to leave the official line of the new Globalist Politburo is subject to persecution, defamation, marginalization and even criminal persecution. The totalitarian ideology of so-called political correctness, imposed after the fall of USSR by the new globalist extraterritorial empire works in almost all countries under its domination.  Of the NATO and EU countries, it seems that only Hungary and Italy managed to overcome the vassal state of the new „empire of evil”. Alexander Solzhenitsyn was perfectly right when he told the French writer and politician Philippe de Villiers that if until recently the dissidents were in the East, they are now in the West.

The initial intention that led me to write these lines was to ask the Polish, Ukrainian and German authorities to put an end to the political persecution of a conservative militant whose only guilt lies in the nature of the relations between the West and Russia. But I understand that such an approach would be useless for the simple reason that the three countries that prosecute our friend were reduced to the dishonorable status of the colony, where the law is made not by the legal organs but by the extra-governmental power centers. Under these conditions, the wave of purges on ideological criteria are part of this infamous mechanism that suppresses the freedom of the European peoples.  The Great Purge of Soviet regime or the witch hunt during the McCarthy period in US are just two historic examples that fit the current state of affairs under the umbrella of NATO and the EU. It’s enough not to be Russophobe, not accept the neoliberal political agenda, to militate to overcome the old lines of division between West and East, do not enthusiastically applaud LGBT lobbying, to promote family values and especially to be attached to spiritual part of life, to Christian faith to become the number one enemy of the System.

Dear Manuel, you and I, along with so many other normal people form our continent, are target people. As you know, I’m also now under criminal prosecution and in danger of going to jail for about seven years. We are together part of a large family of intellectuals from many countries who share the same values and form without hesitation and regrets the international network of new European dissidence. We are perfectly aware that the great achievements have never been achieved without effort and sacrifices. Our strength lies in our unity and friendship. We like that our adversary is much stronger than us. We like to fight with the only weapon we recognize, the weapon of the word, which is stronger than the whole repressive apparatus of our enemies. Most of us believe in our God Jesus Christ Who guide and protect us everywhere and anytime. So, don’t be sad, dear friend. Let’s thank God for serving a cause for the sake of which we should take major risks. Our peaceful    ”intellectual terrorism” which causes substantial damages to the System, is the only cause for which your freedom is in danger now.

The spring of the European peoples is already impossible to block. And the merit for future major continental changes is yours too, dear Manuel.

God bless you!

God bless all European nations!


Iurie Roșca,

Moldovan journalist and publisher,

former anti-Soviet dissident, current anti-globalist dissident

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