USA: Kamala Harris and Joe Biden inaugurated

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Global mainstream media wallowed in coverage of the inauguration of the American colour revolution, which is why there was hardly any airtime left for the farewell ceremony of outgoing President Donald Trump. Nevertheless, it remains at least open whether the Causa Trump is closed. For two reasons: One is because of the witch hunt his dogmatic opponents are calling for. For example, the leftist filmmaker Michael Moore demanded, with the well-known arrogance of the establishment, that Trump knows they are not done with him yet and insisted Trump to be tried, convicted and put behind bars. Interesting how the leftist representative of the self-appointed grail guardians of democracy throws overboard the constitutional traditions of Montesquieu by claiming the legislative, executive and judicial powers. However, Moore did not specify which offences were at issue.

Transgender government

Nevertheless, Trump’s farewell speech also raised eyebrows, as he not only said „goodbye”, but underlined this in a literal sense by adding: „We’ll be back – in some form”. The outgoing president also reiterated that the new government was starting from a foundation that enables to succeed, but that his administration should be remembered, if this would happen. Notwithstanding, there was more talk of what Joe Biden wanted to undo immediately from Trump’s legacy. This refers not only to climate agreements or the World Health Organisation, but also, for example, to executive orders allowing transgender people going forward to serve in the military. Already on Tuesday, Joe Biden announced that he had nominated Rachel Levine, born Richard Levine, as deputy health secretary. Levine is an offensive transgender and would be the first transgender official to be confirmed by the US Senate if approved.


Thought Police

Biden’s comments about the need to „defend the truth” and crack down on lies „told for power and profit” seem almost grotesque at a time when the country’s major tech companies have moved to restrict the outgoing president’s social media presence permanently. Facebook’s director of communications, Andy Stone, reiterated in this regard that the status of the president’s Facebook and Instagram accounts had not changed and that the indefinite block imposed on the president to post from these accounts remained in place. There were no plans to lift it. EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen expressed her delight that after a long four years Europe had a friend in the White House again. This can only be understood by those who have the same distorted idea of what Europe is all about as Ms von der Leyen. Far more worrying are von der Leyen’s comments that the EU and the United States must ensure that „hate messages and fake news”, or more precisely what the establishment understands by this, „can no longer be spread unchecked”.

EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton, also recently spoke of the need for stricter state control of speech to combat alleged extremism. He even called on the Biden administration to join forces „as allies of the free world” to develop a „new global approach to online platforms”. When state institutions control speech, this is incompatible with freedom of expression. The Vatican already showed that >it can thought police< by intervening on Inauguration Day to stop the release of a statement by the US bishops sharply criticising Joe Biden’s policies as being in direct contradiction to Church doctines. The January 20th statement, signed by the President of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), Archbishop José Gomez, noted that the new US-President was committed to pursuing certain policies that would advance moral evils and threaten human life and dignity, particularly in the areas of abortion, contraception, marriage and gender.


Somali States of America

CNN meanwhile sees itself in the appropriate environment to call for muzzling their competitors OANN and Newsmax TV. Moreover, many on the American left are celebrating a video by left-wing activist Don Winslow calling on US citizens to act as „cyber detectives” to monitor Trump supporters and report them to the authorities. In the context of these activities, those producers even go so far as to make a comparison with the capture of al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden. One need not be surprised – given such conditions – not having been informed by the mainstream media that on the day before the Capitol protests, Black Lives Matter supporters in Minneapolis removed an American flag to replace it with the Somali flag. – Brave new world…however, they forgot to take a knee…perhaps after the seizure of power there is no longer any need for submissive moral gestures…