Third German teen girl murdered by an Afghan migrant: She refused to convert to Islam

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Another migrant murder has rocked Germany. After the murder of Maria Ladenburger, and Mia Valentin, a third teen girl has now been murdered. Her name is Mireille. Similarities? All perpetrators were Afghan migrants.

The 18-year-old Mireille B. was stabbed to death by her Afghan boyfriend Ahmad in the city of Flensburg on Monday, German newspaper Bild reports.

A family friend of Mireille tells Bild: “Ahmad and Mireille were a couple since 30 January, 2016. They had a lot of arguments because he wanted her to wear a headscarf and convert to Islam, but she wasn’t so sure about that.”

“Every time she walked around without a headscarf it gave serious arguments”, she says. The friend adds that “Ahmad was a ‘jealous rooster’ who always wanted to control her. Once I met with her, he called her every two minutes on her phone demanding to know what was happening.”

According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, perpetrator Ahmad G. arrived in 2015 as an unaccompanied refugee in Germany. A spokesman of the city of Flensburg says that Ahmad’s application for asylum was rejected and he had appealed against it.

Mireille lived by herself in an apartment where she was found murdered. The killer admitted that a final argument about Islam triggered the murder.


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