Thierry Laurent Pellet warns: ”The prosecution of Iurie Rosca reminds where are you going”

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My name is Thierry Laurent Pellet, I am a serial internet entrepreneur dealing with geopolitics for the last four years since I was caught in the Ukrainian crisis (I lived there almost a decade and few meter from Maidan). This is the reason that brought me to Chisinau last December where I met with Iurie Rosca, a fantastic man who initiated the first Eurasian Economic Forum. The reason that motivated me to attend this incredible event was to meet the people who are fighting fiercely the European dictatorship that Brussels tries to impose to each country adjacent to initiators (France & Germany) as a cancer metastasis spreading throughout our old continent. Don’t be confused, I’m not the one who wants to fight just because I’m an anti-system by nature.

At first I thought that it was a great idea to be able to travel all around without the world without border restrictions within the Schengen space or change the currency.

It was a great idea until I began to understand what was really cooked in the pot, meaning what Europe was really about: serving the interest of transnational mega trust companies at the expense of population health, money and freedom using any means to achieve its goal, including and not restrictively: lobbying corruption, coup d’état… They are acting like a mafia who wants to take over any entity in resistance. The blatant example is the case of Monsanto poisoning everybody in Europe. They are so powerful that they can afford to buy every euro deputy to maintain their poison in the market and they take money instead of suing them for crimes against humanity.

Iurie Rosca succeeded in attracting the attention of intellectuals, journalists, philosophers, businessmen and politicians from all over Europe to reach the forum of Chisinau. We have created the basis for better collaboration between nations in the respect of differences and culture. Economy and trade should be driven by fairness and not by the greed of a few powerful interests. Surprisingly, due to a strong attack, the lawsuit of Iurie Rosca (for unclear facts that supposedly was to take place about nine years ago) was getting out of control.

The coincidence is absolutely astonishing; it seems to me the bad people are already reacting to kill our efforts in the egg by jailing its leader. The situation makes me think about those tents which started to flourish along Khreschiatik boulevard in Kiev when Yuliya Timoshenko (whose political party is very close to Merkel’s party) got jailed for prevarication (she dealt with Russian gas as the Prime Minister of Ukraine, using a company she was heading as CEO, and put about 2.3 billion dollars in her pocket. In fact, Timoshenko was customary of this type of behavior, she was jailed for tax evasion and fiscal fraud in the past). Who was paying for the dozens of people sitting during two years warming up for the second neo Nazi Maidan revolution? Yanukovich paid the highest price to jail a criminal friend of European Union. As soon as the European Union (with the support of the USA) is concerned about the individual in opposition to their road and agenda, it faces serious problems. So my question to Moldavian people is simple, are you going to listen to the mermaid call of EUtopia? Do you really want to get crushed and poisoned by heavy ruling? Do you want to lose your culture and getting imposed Muslim migrants? Do you want to fall into the dirtiest trap which most want to exit (UK and more to come…)? Do you want to lose your soul? The prosecution of Iurie Rosca is there to remind where you are going.

Thierry Laurent Pellet, France