There are Five Phases of Vaccine Compliance

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We are currently in phase 3 and the final phase includes door-to-door arrests of those who refuse spike protein injections.
There are five different phases of this escalation:

‼️Phase 1 – Voluntary (spurred by media propaganda, bribery of social media influencers, doctors, etc.). This phase traps those gullible enough to think that injecting a spike protein biological weapon will somehow “save” or free them.

‼️Phase 2 – Incentives (lottery tickets, free beer, free donuts, etc.). This phase traps those who are stupid enough to trade their lives for beer and donuts. There are a lot of such people, and even globalists understand that such people with low IQ have nothing to do with human civilization.
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‼️Phase 3 – Private Sector Punishment – At this stage they use corporations to deny people access to services (such as air travel, cruise ships, restaurants, sporting events, concerts, etc.). This phase hopes to make life extremely uncomfortable for the unvaccinated.

‼️Phase 4 – Criminal Fines or Imprisonment (Public Sector) – This phase will begin after fake media blames the unvaccinated for ongoing pandemic outbreaks that are killing people. Some jurisdictions will have laws requiring continuous vaccinations every year. Anyone who refuses to comply will be fined or imprisoned.

‼️Phase 5 – Open Military Terror – Open War Against Unvaccinated Citizens. There will be compulsion to vaccinate at gunpoint.