The wind of change and the paper tiger

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This conference is entitled: Wind of Change. The phrase is not new. It was used by British Prime Minister Harold McMillan in Cape Town in 1960. His comment that “the wind of change is blowing through this continent” was the trigger for the Conservative government to commit itself to the rapid dismantling of the British Empire.

This was partly a socialist anti-colonial project, but McMillan was also heavily influenced by the United States, which in the years after World War Two pushed the European powers to abandon their empires – so that the USA could move into the political and economic spaces which resulted.

The continent to which McMillan was referring was of course Africa, but today we can feel another wind of change blowing through another continent: Europe.  And once again it is a wind which is sweeping away colonial rule: American colonial rule.

If I had stood here just two or three years ago, and said that the American domination of Europe was being blown away like sand in a dust storm, you would have thought I was mad. After all, all the signs were that the colonists were winning:

When the Wall came down in 1989, the Washington regime promptly broke its promise to keep the eastern border of Nato in Germany.  Nato, and American domination, marched eastwards.

Only last year the Americans were establishing missile bases right on the Russian border. Growing numbers of Nato troops are even now being stationed in eastern Poland and in the Baltic States.

At the same time, Washington’s puppet regimes in Western Europe and in the EU have displayed a sickening readiness to be junior partners in the USA’s truly wicked policy of using Jihadi terror gangs to destroy secular Arab nations in order to allow US energy giants, Israel and Saudi Arabia to prosper in the resulting ruins.

When it was founded just after the Second World War, Nato’s first Secretary General, Lord Ismay described its mission as being to ‘Keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down’ . The alliance thus played the same role in international politics that the Mafia did in Italy after being re-established at American bayonet point at the same time.

The resulting American domination of our continent has lasted exactly 70 years. Throughout that time it has appeared irresistible. Unshakable. And that appeared as true at the start of this year as it has been throughout our entire lives.

But what appeared to be geopolitical concrete just a few months ago is turning into wind-blown sand before our very eyes.

Sure, just last month we saw American forces strike Syria on behalf of Al Qaeda, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the US military-industrial-complex. We saw Donald Trump copy Bush, Bill Clinton and Obama in acting as global policeman. We saw the puppet regimes in France and Britain providing military and diplomatic support. At a glance, it seems like business as usual. Hail to the chief and to what the racist war criminal Madeleine Albright called the ‘indispensable nation’.

But look closer. Trump has fired two missile barrages at Syria. But both these very expensive fireworks displays were only launched after informing the Russians, with enough notice for them in turn to warn the Syrians to move military assets to safety. Although American forces fired 105 Cruise missiles last month, the ‘attack’ hit three purely symbolic targets. 71of those missiles were either deliberately wasted in ludicrous overkill, or they were shot down by Syria’s last generation Russian missile defence systems.

So despite the horror we all felt when we saw the Nato response to the Douma false flag, the reality is either that the USA so scared of Russia in Syria that it pulled its punches, or there was a real attack but it was blocked in a result which would have been deeply worrying to the Pentagon planners. Personally I believe the latter to be more likely, but it doesn’t really make much difference. Either reason makes the USA a paper tiger.

Coupled with the development of Russian hypersonic missiles which have made the US fleet an obsolete sitting duck, the result of last month’s missile launch is that America and its allies have lost military control of the Eastern Mediterranean, and have lost military credibility all around the world.

Since the attack, the Syrian Army and its allies have liberated the last ISIS-held areas south of Damascus, cleared the large Jihadi pocket just north of Homs, and retaken half of the last ISIS patch of desert near the Iraqi border. The only areas still left to be cleared of the Jihadi pest are Idlib province and the stretch near the Golan Heights where ISIS and other rebel groups are supplied with military equipment, medical aid and air cover by Israel.

Assad and his allies have won the war. The American elite and their puppets have lost.

But the wind of change blowing away American imperial rule isn’t just blowing through the Middle East. There is also a storm of political change brewing up in Europe. Not just in the East and Centre, where Viktor Orban and the Visegrad powers have already reshaped politics and broken the suicidal death-grip of the old pro-American liberal elite.

No! The really important change now is happening here in the West. And the speed of the change is astounding.

Obviously, there are many compromises and weaknesses in the new coalition being formed here in Italy. But that doesn’t alter the fact that the new government will be the most pro-Russian in the whole of Western Europe. Italy, whose foreign policy has been effectively dictated by the CIA for 70 years, is suddenly capable of independent thought and action.

And the storm rages on. In just the last week or so, even the most pathetic lapdogs of Washington and Wall Street have finally grown sick of being kicked by Uncle Sam. Donald Trump’s decision to move the American Embassy to occupied Jerusalem was warmly received by the delusional psychopath Netanyahu. But even the British, French and EU are appalled by the provocative stupidity.

Then came another blast of the storm of change, as Trump ‘scrapped’ the Iran deal. Because he has done nothing of the sort. Yes, he has pulled America out of the agreement, but the deal is still very much alive. Even America’s closest allies have refused to follow suit. On one side, totally isolated, we have America. On the other we have not just Iran, Russia and China, but also Britain, France and Germany.

This level of disobedience would have been utterly unthinkable just two years ago.

Trump’s decision, and the European rejection of it, has dealt a hammer blow to the trans-Atlantic ‘solidarity’ which has been unshaken for 70 years. And the crisis is only just beginning. Washington has set a six-month deadline for European companies doing business in Iran to get out. They’ll have to either stop their operations or face heavy penalties.

Together with the continued impact of sanctions against Russia, this means that the USA has now become the main threat to Europe’s economy.  The EU in turn is planning counter-measures to block US sanctions on Iran.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel slammed President Trump for his decision to pull out. French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire stated that European powers should not be Washington’s “vassals.” Even to use the word is to break the spell and to move towards freedom at last.

On May 11, the German chancellor discussed the situation with President Putin in a phone conversation. Today Angela Merkel is in Sochi; just days after Germany started to build the Nord Stream 2 gas project in the teeth of ferocious but ineffective hostility from the US.

The US-European relationship is also being broken by Washington’s plans to introduce tariffs on steel and aluminium imports from the EU.  A trade war is just around the corner. How long can a common security front survive such tensions?

Perhaps the most striking change is in Germany, a country which is of course still occupied by American troops. The arch-liberal magazine Der Spiegel has just highlighted the new anti-American position with an editorial titled “Time for Europe to Join the Resistance.”

The article says that US President Donald Trump is “only proficient in destruction,” referencing his pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal and the Paris climate agreement. It came out just the day after Merkel said that Europe can no longer count on the US, and must take matters into its own hands.

There is even a gulf opening up over Israel. The entire Republican party is united with Trump in backing Israel’s ‘right’ to massacre teenage demonstrators in Gaza, and most of the Democrats agree – even though they would be hysterical if a US border guard so much as slapped a Mexican trying to cross their own border.

The European elite, by contrast, seem genuinely shocked by the Israeli brutality. Plus they are desperately worried about the impact on their own growing Muslim minority. And if Trump and Netanyahu set the whole Middle East ablaze, it will be the liberal Europeans whose electability will be obliterated by a fresh flood of refugees.

The power of the Zionist lobby and media is still immense, of course, but going along with the USA and Israel is becoming very expensive.  Even the totally globalist Financial Times has noted that „subordination to Washington will imply a very serious domestic price”.

Furthermore, it’s also unnecessary, and there’s a real choice just around another corner: Fight endless wars for Washington and Israel – or trade with Russia and China as part of the New Silk Road Eurasian economic super block?

To cap it all, the rising powers on the international block are working steadily to break the stranglehold of the US Dollar as the only way to trade oil and as the world’s reserve currency. This is the financial mechanism which has allowed the USA to play at global policeman while destroying its own manufacturing base. The Fed prints dollars, the rest of the world buys them, so Americans get all the consumer goodies they need. The minute this stops, Washington will be unable to afford to blow more than the rest of the world put together on military spending, and its global Empire will collapse.

Preparations are under way. China is even wooing Saudi Arabia. And now even the European Union is considering switching payments to the euro for its oil purchases from Iran. This would allow both sides to continue trading despite US sanctions. More importantly, it would spell the end of the petro-dollar.

Threatening the Fed’s dominance of credit creation and Wall Street’s grip on global trade was of course a key reason for the murder of both Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein.

Normally, such a move from the leaders of Europe would lead to drastic US Deep State counter-measures. Principle among these would likely be the triggering of the massive potential for ethnic and religious conflict which the CIA has done so much to implant into Western European through mass immigration and the refugee flood.

They could easily replicate the CIA-triggered destruction of Yugoslavia right the way across Western Europe. They unleashed their tame Jihadis on Libya and Syria, they could do the same against Europe. This would both punish the uncooperative European political elite and push them back to Big Brother USA, whose military help would be needed to sort out the resulting shambles.

They could. That’s clearly what they have had planned for a very long time. But whether they could do it now is another matter.

For one thing, the Europeans are not without intelligence capabilities, and now they already thinking of America as something other than a Godlike ally, evidence of such cynical destruction of the liberal Utopia could go down very badly indeed. Far from pushing Europe into behaving itself, the shock and anger could complete the rift.

And then there’s the Trump factor. Even though the maverick President is for once in lockstep with the Washington elite over Iran and Israel, there is still a political civil war raging in and around the White House on every other front. Can and will a regime which is so riven by conflict and hatred really take the decisions and actions needed to demolish its supposed closest allies?

Perhaps. But perhaps not. As with everything else in this storm of change, the winds can shift in moments and no-one can predict for sure what is going to happen next.

But there are three things we can say with some degree of certainty:

One. The Wind of Change will continue to blow.

Two. If the American Deep State decides to play dirty in Europe, then the resulting chaos and ethno-religious conflict will not only shatter the EU as intended, but also create an avalanche of unintended consequences.

Three. if Washington is too paralysed to act, the Dollar Empire will fall.

So, one way or the other, the Wind of Change is set to become the Hurricane of History.

This is the text of a speech delivered by the author in Milan to a conference of the pan-European political party the Alliance for Peace and Freedom on 19thMay, 2018.