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The participants in the Chisinau Forum III: Vávra Suk, Sweden

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Usually the group of countries from Northern Europe are seen as a paradise on the earth with excellently solved social and economic problems, with eternal political stability and without any big problems. And the Kingdom of Sweden is not an exception in this respect.

But for the lucid minds of this country there is no room for such optical illusions and pink colored perceptions. If somebody from other geographical areas wants to know the truth about the real situation in Sweden, he or she can do it in very easy way.
If you really want to know better the real state of affairs form Sweden, from the region or all over of the world it would be enough to make a click on which is one the most important site of alternative media in Sweden.

Mr. Vávra Suk, the Editor in Chief of the weekly newspaper Nya Tider (New Times), Ms. Sanna Hill, his deputy and all their team are working in very professional way to bring to the people the truth which is hidden by mainstream or corporate media. We can say that Vávra’s team is working in the regime of Samizdat. The only difference between former Soviet dissidents who had their alternative media in the underground is the on-line version of their newspaper.

Our Swedish friend and his team are practicing the profession of journalism as a duty, as a moral obligation to combat fake news from dominant media. It’s not an easy task to compete with professional liars from the ”official” media. And like in Soviet period such people are uncomfortable, which is why they are persecuted and blamed. Take a look on this article to see how the worldwide media is attaching hem: So, if New York Times is so aggressive, we can be sure that Nya Tider is doing journalism in the right way.

Vávra Suk is a permanent participant in Chisinau Forum meetings. This time his speech will touched upon the topic about the alternative medias role in international relations.

Don’t hesitate to invite your friends to join us.

You have to be informed it the right way about the world you are living

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