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The participants in the Chisinau Forum III: Paul Ghițiu, Romania

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Paul Ghiţiu is a Romanian writer, journalist, film maker and politician. He used to be involved in several right wing conservative political parties and was a member of Romanian Senate.

As a person who is deeply connected to the culture, Paul Ghițiu is an orthodox, traditionalist, anti-System thinker. During last several years he became one of the strongest critical voices revealing the essence of Western neo-colonialism applied to post-communist countries after the fall of the USSR.

As many other intellectuals from ex-communist countries who welcomed the fall of communism, he suffered a very deep disillusion by discovering the real face of Western capitalism which treated the former satellites of Soviets as a prey for corporate sharks and economic jackals.

In his sociologic and political analysis, he tends to penetrate the mechanism of vassalization of Romania which became an appendix of the American global empire that promotes so successfully its imperialistic interests through NATO, EU and other geopolitical tools.

For Paul Ghițiu civilizational and axiological domination isn’t less tragic and unacceptable than the military, political or economic subjugation.
Our Romanian brother will be present at our international conference and will talk to us.

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