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The participants in the Chisinau Forum III: Ovidiu Hurduzeu, Romania

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Ovidiu Hurduzeu is a Romanian writer and social critic. He lived in the USA, primarily in Sillicon Valley, California, for thirty years, long enough to understand in depth the American society and the essence of the globalist worldview. He got his PhD in French Literature and Humanities from Stanford University. Besides his literary activity, Mr. Hurduzeu is best known for his non-fiction books “ The Happy Slaves. The World Seen from Silicon Valley”, ”Unabomber. The Killer Prophet ” and „The Third Force. Deep Romania” (co-author Mircea Platon). He co-edited an anthology of essays ”The Economy of Freedom” with John Chrystostom Medaille, an American economist, theologian and businessman. “The Economy of Freedom” includes programmatic texts, both classic and contemporary, advocating for a fairer economic model such as Distributism, and other economic alternatives to liberalism.

A conservative thinker, Ovidiu Hurduzeu provokes and startles his readers with his vigorous, nonconformist appraisal of contemporary Western life and the meticulous dissection of the global society. He highlights the complementary character of the two systems that competed throughout the twentieth century – Communism and Capitalism -, especially regarding the subordination of both regimes to the economic primacy and their obsession with world expansion as a means to impose their own model on all peoples and states. Ovidiu Hurduzeu states that both ideologies are defined by an anti-religious stance, an opaque anthropocentrism, the war against rural civilization, technolatry, productivism,”the silicolonization” of societies and the alienation of the human being.

Among the Romanian top intellectuals, Ovidiu Hurduzeu is one of the spearhead of the fight against the colonization of his country by the global corporatocracy. Back to Romania a year ago, Ovidiu Hurduzeu plunged again in the public debates. His speech at the Chisinau Forum will address, among other topics, the Gnostic origins of the liberal notion of “freedom”.

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