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The participants in the Chisinau Forum III: Gilles-Emmanuel Jacquet, Switzerland

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Another guest of Chisinau Forum is from Switzerland. His name is Gilles-Emmanuel Jacquet.

He is graduated in political science and in European studies from the University of Geneva. He worked for the French embassy in Moldova and the French cultural center in Chisinau, for UNHCR and the French Ministry of Justice. Mr. Jacquet activated as a journalist at the UN for Pax Press Agency and also for the English edition of Sputnik News. Currently Mr. Jacquet is teaching in private universities in Geneva, Algeria, Afghanistan, Congo, Nigeria and Ivory Coast. He also cooperates with the Geneva International Peace Research Institute.

We present below some theses from his speech to be delivered during our event:

”After the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War’s bipolar order, the USA tried to establish and control on a global scale a unipolar system whose Western liberal values would bring peace, democracy, human rights and prosperity to the peoples of the world.

The 9/11 attacks contradicted these expectations but the US government under G.W. Bush and the US neoconservative thinkers didn’t reassess their vision of the world. Multilateralism, international law and the United Nations were disregarded and in 2003 the USA attacked Iraq, even though this country was not trying, at that time, to develop weapons of mass destruction or had no connection to the 9/11 attacks or Al-Qaeda.

Iraq was devastated by a conflict with no end in sight and the situation in the Middle East was seriously aggravated by such aggression. The Israeli-Palestinian peace process as well as the issue of the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan Heights were gradually abandoned. The 2011 Arab Spring was an opportunity for the USA, their Gulf allies (Qatar, Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates), Turkey and Israel to destabilize countries such as Syria or Libya, whose regimes inspired by Arab Nationalism represented obstacles to their regional agendas”.

Coming soon. Keep in touch!

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