Chișinău Forum 2019

The participants in the Chisinau Forum III: Dimitrios Konstantakopoulos, Greece

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Initiative (, ex-Advisor of the Greek PM Andreas Papandreou on Arms Control and East-West re Dear friends, we are pleased to announce that the Chisinau Forum will ha Delphive among the most solid speakers Dimitrios Konstantakopoulos from Greece. He is a famous journalist, writer, coordinator of the lations, ex-advisor of Syriza party.

His analysis on the current disastrous political and economic situation in Greece and on the role which played EU (pushed by German leadership) in the provocation of this disaster and the chances of the countries from the poor South of Europe to overcome this situation could be useful for many so-called Eurocentric and naive political decision makers or experts from ex-communist area. Thanks to his enormous experience, Mr. Dimitrios Konstantakopoulos will offer a profound and realistic view on the dynamics of international life and the prospects of overcoming the unipolar moment. He will touch upon the means of acting of economic imperialism of the major European players which colonized the undeveloped countries by using the old technic of freetradism and by preaching the so-called values of global market without any borders and restrictions (small government for the sake of big business).

Those who will listen Mr. Dimitrios Konstantakopoulos’s speech will have the opportunity to hear unique and even shocking aspects from behind the curtain of the political theater. In order to know and understand more he probably will not recommend you to follow the fake news from mainstream media. On the contrary. If you want to be really informed and armed by the truth in order to avoid the traps of oligarchic, liberal and globalist propaganda it would be much more better to follow

In just a few days, watch Chisinau Forum live stream! Our power to tell the truth depends on the capacity to share our views by Internet.

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