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The participants in the Chisinau Forum III: David Shahnazaryan, Armenia

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Among the best speakers of Chisinau Forum III will be David Shahnazaryan, former head of secret services of Armenia, former Ambassador, political and civic activist.

A historical curiosity about him.

Since 1988 Mr. Shahnazaryan has been one of the most important leaders of the Pan-Armenian National Movement. During the same period, Iurie Roșca was one of the leaders of the People’s Front of Moldova. In 1990 in the capital city of Soviet Moldavia was founded the Chisinau Forum which gathered the representatives of nationalist and anti-Soviet movements from the soviet republics which appears in that period. Among the founders of this dissident pan-Soviet organization were Iurie Roșca and David Shahnazaryan. So, for both of them the current Chisinau Forum is the continuation of the former one. For them to fight for the independence of their nations and against foreign interventions in internal affairs of their states is the cause of their lives.

Three decades ago neither the Armenian David nor the Moldovan Iurie could not imagine that with the disappearance of the USSR called „empire of evil” their nations will be colonized by another empire, much more perverse and more dangerous – the US, which embodies at current historical period the empire of absolute evil.

So, from the bipolarity represented by USSR and the US after WWII, passing through the end of the unipolar moment of global American domination, the two old friends are back together, fighting for multipolarity.

Do not miss the chance to watch Chisinau Forum III.

Stay with us.

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