Chișinău Forum 2019

The participants in the Chisinau Forum III: Baranyi Tibor Imre, Hungary

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One of the main speakers at the conference that will be held in a few days is our hungarian friend Dr. Baranyi Tibor Imre. Today, everyone knows that Hungary has become the leader of the countries that have stood up against the dictatorship of the European bureaucracy. Namely this new nomenklatura from Brussels is serving the interest of corporate lobbies and trying to undermine the political sovereignty of EU member states in favor of big nomadic capital. This unprecedented type of mental, cultural and political domination is exercised to the detriment of people who have become victims of this kind of non-military aggression, which not only destroys national economies, but also dismantles all forms of collective identities: religious, national, and even sexual identity.

But before this vision became a political practice, it was anticipated by its conceptualization through a traditionalist way of thinking, focused on defending the national identity against the dissolving processes of stateless globalism. This new wave of Eurosceptic and sovereignist concept became so strong in Hungary thanks to intellectuals like Dr. Tibor Imre Baranyi.

In the letter which was send by Dr. Tibor Imre Baranyi to the organizer of this meeting, Mr. Iurie Roșca, mentioned:

”I am a representative of the Hungarian Traditionalist school and the leader of ”Kvintesszencia Publishing” whereby, among other things, I translated and published Mr Dugin’s 4PT for Hungarian readers. I was also the main advisor to the president of the Jobbik, a significant Hungarian political party.

Currently I am researching the opportunities for Islam and Sufism in our age in the context of Hungarian – Turkish relationships. I would welcome the opportunity to present at the conference about my experiences in politics or other areas. A possible topic may be Two faces of populism, or any other aspect that could be interest for the audience”.

�So pay attention to our event. Invite your friends to joins us.

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