Chișinău Forum 2019

The participants in the Chisinau Forum III: Konrad Rękas, Poland

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One of the speakers on Chisinau Forum is coming from Poland.

His name is Konrad Rękas.

He is a Polish journalist and columnist, economist, former Chairman of the Lubelskie Voivodship Regional Parliament, co-founder of Zmiana (Change) political party in Poland, co-worker of Scottish independence movement. His main activity fields are geopolitics and social development, some of his works are published i.a. on, and

As so many others form our large international team of anti-System intellectuals, he represents a new way of thinking which is becoming step by step more visible and more represented in political landscape. This kind of philosphical, socilogical and politologycal approach breaks the patterns that dominated for several decades in the area of human sciences and geopolitical analysis.

Konrad Rękas is part of the cohort of thinkers equally engaged in theoretical debates and political struggles. He is a fighter on the front of ideas, but also on the front of direct political battles. In the case of people like him conceptualization is followed by action.

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