Chișinău Forum 2019

The participants in the Chisinau Forum III: Irnerio Seminatore, Belgium

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� Among the speakers at the Chisinau Forum, there will be the famous foreign affairs expert, Irnerio Seminatore, the founding president of the European Institute of International Relations based in Brussels ( .

His speech is entitled:

� His intervention will be fundamental. See table of contents:
�System and conjuncture;
�The system and its levels of power;
�Strategic movements and antinomies of alliances in Eurasia;
�The multipolar system. „A global concert of nations” or „strengthened global governance”?
�From Europe to Eurasia. A change in geopolitical paradigms; The decline of Hegemon.
�Hegemonic alternation or „systemic revolution”? To whom the future belongs? Planetary space, democracy and nation-states.
�Do not miss the opportunity to watch the works of the Chisinau III Forum live on September 20th and 21st.
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