The honour of being non-aligned. The State of dissidence as moral necessity

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(Preface to the Romanian edition of Pierre-Antoine Plaquevent’s book  ”SOROS and Open Society: The Metapolitics of Globalism” (Fr. SOROS et la société ouverte : Métapolitique du globalisme) 

We open these introductory words by mentioning that our entire editorial, media, and academic effort that we have expended with obstinacy along the years, despite all the evidence that we confront an infinitely more powerful enemy, is the fruit of a painful concern due to the state of lethargy and even collective imbecility, that our society has been pushed in the last thirty years by the masters of dominant discourse.

The People’s University, that initially has concentrated its efforts on formative courses aimed at its young student body, has shifted its focus in the past several years on editorial work. All our authors, without exception, are part of the honorable ranks of the new dissidence, that opposes a new type of imperialism, without precedent in history, and exercised on a global scale by a perverse, rapacious and demonized elite.

Our good friend Pierre-Antoine Plaquevent, who pursues this remarkable and such a presently relevant metapolitical investigation, that belongs to the pleiad of French vocational researchers in flowering age their lives, that dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to the mammoth task of decrypting the nature of the regime that strangles their homeland, France, driven today to the edge of swift and total extinction. These warriors of spirit, that have raised their pen towards a European renaissance, are now a daily breed in a world swamped by generalized dimness.

In an emasculated and flattened West, which is bedeviled by the alluring embrace of capitalism of seduction, desire and comfort that mortifies any ability of an autonomous intellectual act and annihilates even the very idea of assuming one’s risk for the sake of higher values, only true men are the hope of spiritual and political rebirth of this part of the world which has a very special mission among other world civilizations.

Pierre-Antoine Plaquevent belongs to the brood of militants also called European sovereignists. In their understanding, the Nation-State has become the main target for the globalist occult that seeks to install a world government, the nation-state constituting the main barrier, the last redoubt to be taken in their offensive. I would like to mention at least some of the authors of this brilliant generation, to whom Pierre-Antoine also belongs: Lucien Cerise, Pierre Hillard, Valerie Bugault, Youssef Hindi. The People’s University has already published them, and others are to be released in their Romanian edition. If we have mentioned some of the leading authors from Paris, the non-aligned side, the younger militants from academia, I feel obliged to also mention some authors that can be classified as their direct precursors. Jean Parvulesco (Romanian born), Guillaume Faye, Alain de Benoist, Robert Steuckers, Michel Geoffroy, Jean-Claude Michéa, Ivan Blot, father Jean Boboc (Romanian born), Jean-Michel Vernochet, Philippe de Villiers, Hervé Juvin, Marion Sigaut, Philippe Beneton, Chantal Delsol and of course, the inexhaustible dissident, sociologist and writer that bears all the possible labels stamped by the nomenklatura of political correctness, Alain Soral. I have listed here, without drawing a hierarchy, the highbrow authors of present day France, in the hope that the readers of these lines will seek their books.

To briefly etch the identity profile of this lineup of deeply diverse and original authors yet sharing common ground in their worldview, it would be worthwhile to note that it regards a certain stream of thought, that has its source in the reaction against the split that occurred in the West through the so-called “Enlightenment” and the alleged “French Revolution”. In put it briefly, by drawing a reference to Julius Evola’s writings, it can be stated that they represent the “Revolt Against the Modern World”. This school of Traditionalist, conservative, anti-liberal, anti-capitalist thinking can be briefly described as following:

They are against: 

  • the subordination of the political field to the economy, or, in other words, the reduction of the governing act to a simple governance, at the disposal of expertocracy, the attitude towards the organic human community as a simple assemblage of atoms within the framework of “market society”;
  • United States domination over Europe (Western Europe becoming its vassal after World War II);
  • NATO as obsolete structure, that has lost its purpose after the conclusion of the Cold War and dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, being at the beck and call of American hegemonism;
  • the authority of euro-bureaucrats in Brussels over national states, these scholars insisting that the EU is an anti-European, anti-Christian and antinational institution, that annihilates the sovereignty of its member states;
  • “the unipolar moment” arisen after the collapse and dissolution of the USSR, that is to be substituted with a new order of international relation – a multipolar order;
  • single currency EURO (that inflicts severe economic losses for all its member states in favor of the globalist financial mafia) and return to national currencies as cornerstone of economic independence;
  • removal of cash currency and microchipping the people under the pretext of convenience for its users, that actually seeks to establish total control over world population;
  • money as tally stick for everything, techno-capitalism, also called turbo-capitalism or disaster capitalism, key word being capitalism as evil in itself;
  • against free-tradism, which causes the nomadization of people, capitals, goods and services within the framework of a hyper-liberal globalist system;
  • against consumer society, individualism, philosophical, political and economic liberalism, etc.

These remarkable French figures are most times active militants for what is called Frexit, similar to Brexit, because in their opinion, the EU is impossible to reform. Here the similarities are self-evident: in a similar manner as Gorbachev became worthy of ridicule during the Perestroika years, incessantly waving the slogan “A reformed Union, a reformed Party!” (while the Soviet Behemoth was drawing its last breaths), likewise worthy of absurd comic are also the euro-fanatics that flutter the flag of EU perenniality.

As a side-note, not by happenstance the exponents of both generations of French dissidence are among the most representative voices that gather annually at the Chișinău Forum, an international platform of discussion that is becoming more noticeable in more countries around the world. So, for example, Pierre-Antoine Plaquevent’s speech, held at the Forum on the 21st September 2019, was named “Multipolarity and Open Society: Geopolitical Realism versus Cosmopolitan Utopia. Pluriversum vs. Universum”, whose contents deserve careful study. ( ).

Therefore, Pierre-Antoine Plaquevent’s book represents a synthesis of the intellectual origins of the “Soros phenomenon”, of his instruments for accumulating some astronomic financial resources, and extending his tentacles on a global scale. George Soros sinister name is today on everybody’s lips. The US President Donald Trump opposes him, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban also spars with Soros, and is bedamned by pan-African leader Kemi Seba ( Soros is the target for Russian philosopher Aleksandr Dugin in his texts, he is the target of criticism for the Georgian opinion leader Levan Vasadze, he is critisized by the well-known politician and Armenian civic activist, David Shahnazaryan.

All over the world, where the spirit of resistance against this globalist onslaught still pulsates, politicians and honest journalists, civic activists and authors from the fields of human science regard George Soros as public enemy number one.

The quintessential feature of the “Soros doctrine”, as well as American imperialism, broadly speaking, remains deceit. More specifically, some lofty intentions are raised, such as human rights, democracy, justice and other elements from the set of foundational myths of the West, in order to benumb civil vigilance and obtain its compliance in realizing’s own perfidious and perverse plans. Actually, nothing new in this regard. Every war, even an undeclared and non-military as the one waged by Soros, has its own rules. Was it not Sun Tzu, Chinese ancient philosopher and military strategist, that said “the entire art of war is based on deceit”? Therefore, only the methods, not the aims of wars have changed. They condense themselves to the will to conquest a nation in order to exert one’s dominance over it to the exclusive benefit of the conqueror.

In Romania, there is a growing corpus of writings on the networks of influence and their servants from the non-governmental sector and from the political figures of this spearhead of some occult forces that appear hardly in public view. By the way, this work contains an entire chapter on Romania.

In the Republic of Moldova, it appears that only the political scientist Bogdan Tîrdea has seriously dedicated himself to decrypting the network of overgrown tentacles from the areas of Soros expertocracy and mediacracy, this storm of locusts feeding on private subsidies that suffocates the public space though their paralyzing omnipresence. That is, the general public’s ignorance in the field of cognitive warfare, mind control, social engineering and other instruments for shaping public opinion is deeply alarming. Hence, our effort in translating and editing this book aims at awakening readers, liberating them from the manipulating dominant discourse and re-enabling them to accurately interpret a complex and deeply layered reality.

Every country where the Soros Foundation, the Open Society Institute, and any other organization financed by this magnate and others like him (private, state or international structures) operate, actually represent networks that recruit elite mercenaries, lavishly paid to exert an overwhelming influence on the collective mind. Therefore, every country that repels this criminal octopus activities one its territory is indeed an independent country. In this regard, even the USA, Soros’ adoptive country, is nothing more than a semi-colony, a captive state controlled by the cleptocracy, hidden in the burrows of the “deep state”, with a decorative democracy serf for high finance.

Therefore, nowadays liberation in any country requires imperatively expelling these troops of non-military occupation that cause infinitely worse damage than a conventional foreign military occupation. And here the Hungarian leader Viktor Orban is also the most courageous and example to follow. He and his team closed the Soros’ structures and openly criticize at the international level this new type of aggression against nations, which corrupts political elites and imposes of a catastrophic political agenda.

In the Republic of Moldova, however, the Soros networks continue to control public life. And this is primarily because, one of the major accomplishments of this horde of lackeys of foreign capital is that they have managed to maintain a mask of honorability, of intellectual high-ground and even indisputable superiority towards anybody from the political arena or political commentary. The general public does not recognize them as a tightly knit team, because these subtly distribute amongst themselves their parts to be played and hide themselves under the countless NGOs,  bearing sonorous titles, with self-declared noble purposes, charitable and of highest social benefit. That is, they are the ones that mark politicians’ performances, the ones that monitor elections and they also falsify opinion polls in order to favor the West’s puppets and their political projects.

Night after night, year by year, methodically and meticulously, these prostitutes of luxury servicing big western capital massively populate TV channels, bewitch its viewers with the same constant narrative, that eventually succeeds in implanting a certain perception of reality that becomes absolutely axiomatic. The state of fascination that viewers are driven into annuls any trace of autonomous reason, a condition that represents exactly the fertile soil necessary for practicing this type of Euro-fanatical neo-shamanism.

In this total cognitive war only those aware of this state of war, being the target of the enemy behind TV screens, have any chance of prevailing. However, considering the unlimited ignorance on behalf of the general public, the aggressor dominates the battlefield unchallenged, transforming into “useful idiots” the greater majority of population. Under these conditions, when the process of uniforming all political actors through brain washing and systematic conditioning has entirely affected the political spectrum, public life appears merely as bugs scurrying about in a jar. Who wins, and who loses elections, matters not anymore. What actually matters is that these insignificant wheels of the system remain within the demarcation lines that define the pen of political life of a country.

Therefore, Soros is the exponent of an entity, of a financial group and at the same time combat unit that in the past several decades has gained the generic name of corporation. Starting from the title of the well-known volume “When Corporations Rule the World (1995 and 2001), by David C. Korten, it would be necessary to emphasize that here we are dealing with a non-state subject that vastly outstrip the powers of influence of any state, with an international player with unbelievable weight and enormous ability to corrupt within organizations such as the UN or EU. These latter two international structures were rightfully called by Hungarian prime-minister “the most corrupt institutions on the planet”. Along several decades, this gangster of speculative capitalism has managed to deliver debilitating blows to the economies of entire rows of countries – from the United Kingdom to Malaysia – through the sophisticated financial operations that have established him amongst the wealthiest billionaires on the planet. Therefore, Soros ranks amongst the more emblematic banksters that have profited following the neoliberal deregulation that has annihilated the economic sovereignty of states.

Just to outline several key-elements of the ideology and actions promoted by Soros and his acolytes all around the world:

  • “Open society” as a key concept appropriated from his mentor Karl Popper promises for Soros the death of nation-states and their dissolving into a melting pot of all peoples, civilizations, cultures and religions within the framework of a World Government;
  • Regarding international relations Soros’s stance is consistent with the position of America’s military-industrial complex, the CIA and other intelligence agencies, that promote absolute American hegemony in a unipolar world, military interventions under humanitarian pretexts, and regime change wars;
  • The distribution of roles to play in international geopolitics is realized through a white and black lens: the positive/good-guy roles are entirely reserved to the collective West (USA, NATO, EU) and, partially, the countries reduced to the condition of vassalage that accept their obedience as a highest favor, and, correspondingly, the negative/bad-guy roles are fixed upon the countries that refuse to sacrifice their sovereignty on the altar of globalism (Russia, China, Iran, Syria);
  • In the economy, what are being promoted – in solidarity with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank (WB), World Trade Organization (WTO) – and other tools of corporatocracy- neoliberal dogmas (so-called Washington Consensus, or the Milton Friedman school): deregulation, free trade, financialization of economy, maximum limits on the prerogatives of national governments (small government), disallowing control on behalf of national authorities over central banks (imposing in constitutions the pretended independence of the National Bank), accepting external crediting as a benefaction by some “developing partners” (cod name for economic colonization);
  • In politics, the prime element is the uniformization of perceptions over the economic phenomenon based on the parameters of neoliberal dogmas described above. In this case the names of political parties or leaders that govern the country matter not anymore: these would in every case promote blindly the politics of economic colonialism and the game of international finance. Here also, accepting the idea, that everything in the interest of the USA is also in the interest of your country;
  • Regarding cognitive warfare, the Soros octopus aims, amongst other, implanting the idea that liberal democracy, with its universal vote, individualism, greed and obsession of getting rich as principal virtues of capitalism, with Human Rights as state religion, represents the sacrosanct model, unarguable and perennial (Margaret Thatcher- “There is no alternative”.);
  • The secular character of the state or the principle of laicity (“the mystic of laicity”, according to Youssef Hindi’s formula) is brought to heightened peaks, persecution of the Church becoming the favorite pursuit of the bands of mercenaries from “civil society” in collusion with the corrupt media. “The Religion of Republicanism”, descended from the so-called French Revolution, belongs as well to the mandatory dogmas of this type of society with pretensions of universality;
  • The obsession of erasing all features of the collective identities of nations by means of precipitating the migrant crisis; really meant is planned displacement of indigenous European populations (so, a straight non-violent genocide) to the benefit of multiracial populations that would form the docile and moldable precariat of high finance ( “le Grand Replacement”);
  • The malefic essence of this civilizational tsunami derives also from the following prioritized directions of nefarious action: assisted suicide or euthanasia, promoting abortions, legalization of drugs, establishing of juvenile police (removing children from parental authority, straining the relations between themselves in favor of “open society” that substitutes the role of instructor), feminism as ideology aimed at turning hostile the relations between men and women, gender theory that pretends that sexual identity is not congenital, but as a matter of personal preference, homosexuality, “gay marriage”, artificial procreation and finally transhumanism;

Therefore, in this total spiritual war each one must make his choice acutely aware of the situation. As a consequence, our author is aware that an interpretation from a strictly positivist perspective would limit or deform the understanding of the object of his research. Therefore he resorts to a spiritualist, meta-political reading, borrowed from the concept of political theology of Carl Schmitt. Therefore, the Christian view allows exposing the inverted character of “the open society”, consequently its essence by definition satanic, antithetic to the divine creation. There comes a point in time where each one of us must make his choice, decide whether he takes the right or the left side of Truth in this confrontation of really apocalyptic dimensions. Because the Savior says: “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” (Matthew 6:24).

In other words, in order to easily decipher the malefic essence of perfidious actions of a character like Soros, one must have a limpid, solid and even immutable frame of reference – a Christian world view and a more far reaching, religious worldview. Only this view allows to see the reality through clear optics, that requires stabile norms that belong to our profound identity.  Because, when the mind gets unplugged from the superior source of divine light, of authentic mystic wisdom, it remains always in the area of approximation and irremediable error.

And as we live in an epoch where the transcendental is being constantly banished, the most of us find themselves to be completely vulnerable against the offensive of “open society”. In a world fallen into immanence and inundated by relativism everything is being liquified, it’s being dissolved, erased: traditions, hierarchies, moral systems, collective identities, durable bondings, belonging to groups such as family, nation, religion, to a specific territory (sacred space of forefathers). Specifically, in these conditions the mortal virus Soros finds itself a suitable medium for spreading on a global scale. And the countries that resist are classified in the section of “closed societies”, “rogue state”, where the strategist Soros seeks to set another trap for a new “peaceful popular uprising against dictatorship and for democracy”.

In this regard, “the Soros phenomenon” can be considered a logical conclusion for the fall into Modernity as radical anthropological revolution. Today the man as the center of universe of anthropocentric philosophers takes the hideous face of Soros, who seems to be cut out of Goya’s Los caprichos or out of the darkness of the Inferno, settled by all kinds of demons, fiends and hellish creatures. His baleful mask belongs to a group portrait of the international banking gerontocracy, that wills itself to be a World Government, gathered in elite demonic clubs such as the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Club, the World Economic Forum in Davos etc.

The effort spent by Pierre-Antoine Plaquevent deserves wide recognition.  It exhibits a resolute crusader’s spirit deeply engaged in the fight against “mystery of iniquity” (2 Thessalonians 2:7). A man for whom the fighting quest against the evil of this world represents by itself the purpose of existence, and this book is his weapon, a sword that cuts through darkness, cutting away space for light to cascade from.


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