The future planned by mammon and the simulation of the SPARS pandemic 2025-2028

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The future is planned by mammon. Better and better with AI modeling. There will be a neurological effect from the vaccine. All pandemic, vaccine, terrorist, environmentalist and international treaty simulations are hidden codes in front of everyone for the functional elite.

People have heard of Event 201 2019, with Gates, Davos and Bloomberg and other billionaire eugenicists and globalists, but have they heard of SPARS?

+ 2017- SPARS 2025-28 pandemic simulation, coronavirus pandemic it ends with a world connected to digital but fragmented and isolated (to be able to string it). It is shown that the effects of the vaccine appear after one year and the corporations will not recognize that the vaccine is guilty. It perfectly resembles the Covid19 opportunity and the Great Reset / Zombification.

He also writes that the isolation of people will be in the digital environment so that they cannot find out the side effects of the vaccines and that they will be bombarded by advertisements with a view to the vaccine.