Technocracy: Follow The Money, Follow The Power

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Is should be immediately logical that Technocracy would ultimately be run by Technocrats and that Technocrats would busy themselves with birthing Technocracy. If true, then examining the global financial landscape should give support, and indeed, it does.

A recent infographic published by The Visual Capitalist displayed the stock market capitalization of the largest companies in the world. While critics often take aim at companies like Proctor & Gamble,  Pfizer, Merck & Co., Walt Disney, Nike, JP Morgan Chase,  Wells Fargo, etc., these pale in comparison to the top 6 companies, all of which are run by top global Technocrats!

Apple $2.1 trillion
Microsoft $1.8 Trillion
Amazon $1.6 Trillion
Alphabet $1.4 Trillion
Facebook $893 Billion
Tencent $753 Billion




Who leads the trillion $$$ pack? Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Alphabet. Facebook is a wannabe trillion dollar club member, as is Tencent.

Furthermore, note the country distribution. The top six are all based in the United States while Tencent is located in China. In this sense, the U.S. rules, China drools. In another sense, it is noteworthy that the bulk of Technocrat tools of dominance have been invented in the U.S. (by these same companies) and then spread to other nations.

By following the money, we are also following the data. Data is money, of course, and has led many to suggest that data is the new oil of the 21st century. Microsoft’s commercial cloud and Amazon Web Services are the runaway leaders in data storage; IBM and Google cloud services are far behind. Google, of course, controls almost 90 percent of global search engine traffic and has catalogued the Internet six ways to infinity.

In America, concerned citizens should stop bothering themselves with Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Marxists, Communists or corrupt politicians. These are little more than buzzing mosquitoes or pesky flies at the proverbial picnic. They will not be the instruments of our enslavement. That mission is orchestrated by the leading and richest people on earth, namely, Technocrats.