Statement. Foundation for Christian Democracy

23:06, 8 iunie 2018 | Actual, Declarații | 1105 vizualizări | Nu există niciun comentariu Autor:

The Foundation for Christian Democracy would like to inform the public about the attempts of Moldovan law institutions of abusing the foundation’s assets, in violation of legal norms. Thus, recently, at the initiative of the prosecutor Mihail Ivanov from the Anticorruption Prosecution, the court applied seizure over the headquarters of the foundation on the grounds of prosecution of one of our partners, the journalist and politician Iurie Roșca. And this despite the fact that the foundation has nothing to do with the allegations that Roșca is accused of.

Therefore, we find that this is an unprecedented case of an attack on a private property of a non-profit institution that has never had any litigation and no violation of state authorities. The attempt of extending the alleged guilt of Mr. Iurie Roșca to an institution that is not involved in the case is blatant proof of anti-democratic actions commited by some employees of the Anticorruption Prosecution.

We would also like to mention that during the search done by the prosecutors and officers of the Anticorruption Prosecution, which was done on February 28, 2018 without issuing a notice to the leaders of the foundation, all of the computers that belong to the Foundation for Christian Democracy were confiscated, as well as the personal computers belonging to the journalists of and, thus blocking the normal activity of an independent press group for over a month.

During the same search, all the money that was kept in the safe of our foundation, which belong to individuals that do not have any connection with the case whatsoever, was also taken.

So far, all of our efforts to stop these illegalities have been completely ignored.

We call upon the leadership of the General Prosecution to verify the lawfulness of the actions taken by the prosecutor Mihail Ivanov and other employees of the institution, and the Superior Council of Magistracy to examine the validity of the investigative judges’ decisions who have accepted the prosecutor’s request of seizing our headquarters, as well as on the confiscated money.

We also ask the President, the Prime Minister, the Parliament to examine this urgent situation, which affects the image of our law institutions both internally and externally and to give a public reaction towards these abuses.

We call upon all our foreign partners, with whom we have been working together for over fifteen years, to international bodies and foreign embassies accredited in Moldova to react to these scandalous abuses, which reveal a great violation of democratic norms and the principles of a democratic state.

On behalf of the Foundation for Christian Democracy,

Dinu Țurcanu, president of FCD

June 7, 2018