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In the past years, the axis of resistance has inflicted heavy defeats upon the imperialist project in the region. These dominant forces became aware that the best option is the sectarian [Sunni-Shiite] narrative, by relying on the rulers of Saudi Arabia and its fanatical ideologues.

Undeniably, Saudi Arabia is the most prominent financier of terrorism in the world; as admitted by various American and European officials.

Iran has occasionally emphasised that it makes a major breakthroughs in its defense sector and that its arsenal does not pose any threat to other states.

Unlike Saudi Arabia, Iran has a military doctrine; based on deterrence and defence, which aims at providing security of Iran and its allies. For this reason, it has been recently sanctioned in addition to its already imposed sanctions since 1979.

The Saudi terrorism targeted dozens of innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Yemen, Egypt, London, Madrid, New York, etc. Its terrorism is a sectarian revenge that mobilises tens of thousands of youth to carry out terrorist operations and spread chaos, in different parts of the world.

This systematic planning between Riyadh and Tel Aviv aims at inciting hatred by financing terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda , Boko Haram, MKO, etc., with money, weapons and equipment.

Mohammed bin Salman’s reformist claims of democracy and openness have been nothing but a cunning trick to smoothly access power. This fascist policy has undermined all the peace efforts in the region, has opened new avenues for terrorism and has destabilised the regional and global security.

The twenty-first century was initiated by a terrorist attack, in September 2001, in which 15 Saudis out of the 19 took part in hijacking the aircrafts and killing dozens of innocent people. However, Western interests prevented this terrorist regime from being held accountable.

Again in 2011, and for the 7th consecutive year, the Saudis have been interfering in destroying Syria and expelling its citizens. The war in Syria was in retaliation for the positions of its national president, Bashar al-Assad. Saudi Arabia has been supplying terrorists with advanced weapons, equipment and millions of dollars.

In Yemen, despite Mohammed bin Salman’s reformist claims, the aggression has claimed tens of thousands of lives. Since its onset in March 2015, tens of millions of Yemenis have been displaced by the indiscriminate bombing; most of them are children, women, and patients.

The international silence, especially American, on Saudi terrorism is derisory and defective. Recently Trump said it frankly that the US defends the Saudis and thus they [the Saudis] are obliged to pay the price.


Indeed, the scourge of global terrorism requires active action and deliberate plans to curb this dangerous monster, such as that pursued by the axis of resistance in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq. It is required to immediately punish Riyadh and to globally stop its armament; especially after it killed the journalist Jamal Khashoggi and its barbaric war against the defenseless Yemeni people.