Rosca, on the summons of the anti-discrimination Council: “I will not be the laughingstock by affirming that the ugly is beautiful and white is black. “

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On the 26.01.2021, the Council on Preventing and Eliminating Discrimination and Ensuring Equality (Consiliul pentru Prevenirea și Eliminarea Discriminării și Asigurarea Egalității), a state body established by the Alliance for European Integration after 2009, summons the journalist Iurie Rosca, to offer public apologies towards the LGBTQI community, for his critical remarks made against “sexual minorities” protected by law.

In an official letter addressed to the former dignitary, he is being reminded of his obligation to offer a public apology, decision firstly taken on the 01.09.2020. Apologies are to be presented until the 1st March the current year. Otherwise, Rosca risks a fine of 1500 to 3000 MLD.

Asked to comment on this summons and what does he intend to do, Iurie Rosca declared the following:

“I confirm the fact that even when I was a member of parliament, not only throughout several press articles, but also on my video blog, I have critiqued harshly and consistently the aggressive promotion of sexual deviations in our society by means of public rallies and legislative privileges. It’s a certain form of social engineering, developed in the ideological laboratories of certain occult circles in the West, designed to destroy Christian civilization, to collapse moral norms, to definitively break down the family institution and to invert traditional values.

This head-on attack against the idea of man born with an assigned sexual identity, as an invariable given by God, is part of the frontal assault of some satanic circles against humanity and its cultural codes. It took the form of gender theory, an astonishing aberration that credits the idea that sexual identity would be a social construct, and consequently, would be optional, any human having the right to “choose” or “change” his/her sexual identity as desired. Therefore, some horrific deviations, condemned throughout the entirety of history of human civilization, are being imposed by some international organisations controlled by the globalist’s Luciferian networks as the “new normal”, imposed as mandatory documents for states, and as legislative norms.

This phenomenon is part of the multitude of dark signs of the sinister times we live in, foretold in the Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition as the end times. I am an Orthodox Christian and follow Christ, therefore I cannot and wish not to rebel against my God that gave me life and moral norms. Namely, He and His Church teaches us what is good and what is bad, and if the world today has chosen the way of apostasy and perdition, I will refuse to follow it. I fear offending Christ, not the people lost to the devil. Therefore, when the 1st of March, the day when this ridiculous ultimatum against me expiries, shall pass, I shall still not embarrass myself stating that the ugly is beautiful and the white is black”, commented Iurie Rosca.