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Romanian Academy concerning the dangers of 5G technology

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The Romanian Academy expresses its concern about the consequences that 5G technology may have on public health and considers this to be a topic of great interest as Romania is considering approving the strategy of 5G network implementation at national level (HG 429/2019).

We draw attention to the fact that the exposure of the population to high-power radio frequency radiation in Europe and, by extension, in our country, is already a subject of debate in the world’s scientific world. Scientists warn that future 5G stations will generate electromagnetic fields about 100 times stronger than those of generations already in use, practically developing an artificial ocean of high frequency (30-300 GHz) millimeter radiation with huge potential for medium-term risks to life.

The World Health Organization, the International Agency for Research on Cancer and other international medical authorities classify the electromagnetic field produced by radio frequency as a possible carcinogen in humans. In particular, millimeter radiation is absorbed on the skin, approximately 1-2 mm deep, as well as at the surface layer of the cornea, and local effects can be transmitted by molecular mechanisms in the rest of the body.

In addition to the cancer risk, literature reports, among other things, effects such as cell stress, genetic mechanism damage, memory shortage and learning problems or neurological disorders.

Thus, we believe that, before the 5G system is put into operation, responsible scientific analysis is absolutely necessary, both to assess the risks to human health and to establish maximum total exposure standards.
In this context, we remind the Council of Europe Resolution 1815 of 2011, which states that: ‘all reasonable steps shall be taken to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields, in particular radiofrequency in mobile phones, In particular, children and young people who appear to be at risk of head tumors” and call for „the lowest possible level” (ALARA principle) in terms of exposure time, distance and shielding.

We warn that the implementation of 5G technology, without a concrete assessment of risks and vulnerabilities, can have serious consequences for public health and cause damage that is significantly greater than the benefits.

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