Rich Americans Preparing For Something Big

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Amidst the white-hot economic growth throughout 2017, a disturbing trend is quietly emerging: Billionaires around America are building enormous luxury bunkers.

Gary Lynch, general manager of Rising S Company, recently told CNN that sales of these luxury bunkers have increased 300% since the election, and more than 700% since 2015.

Demand for elite bunkers is “soaring” another company told The Daily Mail, which expects to build about 1,000 of them in the next year.

But why? With tax rates about to fall and economic growth stronger than ever, these are good times to be rich in America.

Do they know something we don’t? For the most part, they aren’t saying. But a few brave ones have spoken out to the media. And what they’ve had to say isn’t encouraging.

Venture capitalist Steve Chang said, “My current state of mind is oscillating between optimism and sheer terror.”

Steve Hoffman, millionaire founder of Reddit and prepper let slip to The New Yorker recently what his real fear is: “I think, to some degree, we all collectively take it on faith that… our currency is valuable, the peaceful transfer of power—that all of these things that we hold dear work because we believe they work… we’ve been through a lot, certainly we’re going to go through a lot more.”

Huffman noted he believed that more than 50 percent of Silicon Valley CEO’s are preparing for an apocalypse… during one of the most prosperous and stable times in U.S. history.

Something here just doesn’t add up. In fact, something big is coming, says banking insider and former CIA advisor Jim Rickards. And it’s going to shake up the financial system.

Rickards, author of two New York Times best-selling books: Currency Wars and The Death of Money, among numerous other books, has an important prophecy for Americans today:

“If you have a single dollar to your name… In a stock brokerage account or 401(k)…

“If any payments are direct-deposited into your bank account whether it be Social Security checks… your paycheck… pension payment… or anything else… Your wealth, your freedom and much more are at grave risk right now.”

Rickards, who has spent decades working as a high-level government consultant, has come into little-known information through his work with some of the most elite figures in government and banking circles that could be vital for your financial health in the coming months.

In short, the government has a plan for the next economic downturn – and it’s not a nice one.

That said, Rickards notes you don’t need to be a billionaire prepper yourself. “I don’t believe you need to hunker down in a safehouse with years’ worth of canned food and enough guns and ammo to outfit a small army.”

However, he adds, “I personally make several simple steps with my money and family” to protect precious assets. Because bankers and government agents may be coming for them sooner than you think.

Rickards has an important message for every American – and there’s not a moment to waste.

By Peter Coyne,

Agora Financial

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