Revolutionary scenes in France as Macron is losing control

15:50, 17 decembrie 2018 | Actual | 708 vizualizări | Nu există niciun comentariu Autor:

There are lots of happenings in France at the moment. President Macron, already in the dumpster of approval ratings, in what appears to be an attempt to sink yet lower, has imposed a tax hike on already rising diesel prices in France.

The French people are outraged and on Saturday, began their ‘Yellow Vest’ protests. Quite possibly one of the largest protests to date as it’s estimated that 300,000 to one million people are protesting throughout the country.

They are angry over the high fuel prices and the governments refusal to back down on fuel taxes on Monday. Protesters are blocking access to fuel depots and are stopping traffic on major roads throughout France.

The ‘Yellow Vest’ movement began on social media in October over a surge in fuel prices this year, particularly the price of diesel, with many blaming taxes implemented in recent years in France’s anti-pollution fight.

It has quickly escalated into a much broader protest over slack spending under President Emmanuel Macron. More than 850,000 people signed a petition supporting the ‘Yellow Vests’ and there are hundreds of pages on Facebook calling on people to join the protests.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said that the government has heard the anger of the people, but on Sunday night reiterated that it would maintain the fuel taxes, which are due to increase yet again in January.

Macron’s approval rating is down to 25 per cent and dropping fast.