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In the current situation, the next logical step seems to be the criminalization of the „Coronavirus Lie” and the parallel censorship of the Coronascepticism in the media, including social networks. Already in this direction are going activities of the Commission and the European Parliament. Such an act would obviously find enthusiastic supporters. For example, among those internet interlocutors who for last several weeks have been shouting on all who doubting: „It is because of you that people are dying, we are obliged to warn, frighten, forbid!„. As you know – nothing is as harmful to health as thinking …

However, while we are still allowed – let’s think. We all know the media mechanism. If, after a particularly well-known car accident, all media try to highlight the topic and search for similar events – the recipients receive the impression that the number of accidents has increased rapidly. The same applies to known crimes (e.g. infanticide, etc.). So, if you suddenly focus public opinion on deaths from diseases (illness, flue), even if their number does not deviate from the norm – it will give the impression of the plague.

And then these are just logical consequences for possible use…

Panic Management

And it is used. And in a way that is at least thought-provoking. It is completely basic and natural that we are afraid. Everyone has the right to be afraid. However, the task of the state is to control this fear so that it does not cause greater damage to society and individuals themselves.

And how do countries behave towards the coronavirus campaign, do they overcome social fears?

On the contrary, these journeys of trucks with coffins in Italy (as if those several hundred patients died in one place and the world had to be reminded of them) in the proportion of almost one corpse for one car! This so much film-like news about hundreds of corpses stored on the ice rink in Madrid (which would have been a little less bizarre if it had not been preceded by much quieter information that Spanish funeral parlours were closed intentionally…).

And now Poland. Is anyone really so stupid or insolent to say that society is best calmed by circling police cars broadcasting ominously through loudspeakers: „In connection with the coronavirus epidemic announced in Poland, please stay at home for your own safety„?

Is it a way of calming people down or on the contrary intensifying fear? What is this tragicomedy for? Sure, those already terrified will insist that it is about greater good, which, however, gives the impression of enthusiastic voting of Dachau prisoners for NSDAP: „Because you say what you want, but these Nazi guys know what they are doing!”.

I’m sorry, I try to treat the scared gently – but in time even some of them will feel: something stinks here. And that’s not corpses from ice rinks.

This is a doubt that should be considered especially by those convinced that governments are scaring us to save more effectively. Effective power can be based on fear, but not panic, by its very irrational and chaotic nature. Swinging emotions on the one hand can be manifested, for example, by an increase in crime (from shop robberies to murders and rapes – because „if the World is over, everything is allowed!„), But also the growing frustration and depression, which in extreme states, under pressure Apocalypse promotes self-destruction, including suicide. This cannot be managed in the long run, and the expected loosening and stuttering of emotions („miraculous rescue and relief – a call to vigilance and maintaining rigors, because the threat may return – tightening the collar again„) before it becomes common and becomes a habit (hangover syndrome …?) – it will only expand the collective bipolar disorder.

Who Makes Money on Coronavirus

Equally important, this time we are dealing with huge emphasis on counteracting the strengthening of social bonds (which are natural for disaster times) – and on supporting the deepening and consolidation of extreme atomization („Social Distancing„, bad touch on handrails, etc.).

Further, instead of the previously promoted slow displacement of paper money by payment cards – suddenly their use became another obligation forced by fear.As a result, the financial sector, despite ad hoc losses as a result of the ongoing crisis, has measurable benefits by taking over all transactions carried out. The legal and economic restrictions introduced in European countries beat, and in practice, murder small and small (and thus national) entrepreneurship – but they do not affect large commercial networks. Closing of domestic production plants – forcing all imports carried out by international corporations from countries where lockdown has not been introduced. And so on, there are more and more examples, and instead of the final end of global corporate capitalism, proclaimed by the prophets of the Apocalypse from the left and right, we see its strengthening to the final triumph. Allegedly strengthened nation states seem to be only useful tools before moving on to the final phase of total globalization and the World Government. Should the epidemic around the Earth not be fought precisely on a planetary scale, thanks to increased control and in cooperation with specialized, innovative and technologically advanced capital?

We will probably see it during the next plague.

There are no liberals during the plague!

So, is there no hope for people locked up in cages? Well, not quite. Here, at least in the realm of consciousness, perhaps we are witnessing the defeat of both the Liberal paradigm and the related Globalization project.This is a new impulse for the newly revived faith and hope assigned to the structures of nation-states, including their complete isolation. We emphasize this: just a month ago, anyone who calls for the closure of borders would, at best, seemed to be mad, and at worst – majority called him traitor, agent and enemy of the nation. Today, almost everyone is calling to leave the barriers with one voice! The state should not only be own, but also omnipotent, controlling the economy, controlling people, as well as business entities. It turns out that during the time of the plague – there are no liberals!

Of course, these hopes are incorrectly put, and Globalization, as already mentioned, is still stronger, and, in addition, the remaining remnants and phantoms of nation-states are used. In no case can it be assumed that the DemoLiberal system will effectively implement Anti-Liberal decisions or that an inefficient state will successfully overcome the pandemic. But the seed for believing in a system of total, egoistically national, solidarity strong own Government is thrown. This is worth taking care of.

And thirdly – in the current crisis, there is no European Union, and the United States is escaping the virus like an elephant from a mouse. This is a sign for the reconstruction of our separateness, but also an easy-to-miss moment to geopolitically re-orient our entire continent. Europe, World, Eurasia in particular – they need solidarity. Solidarity – but based on well-preserved separateness and independence, i.e. the denial of the current EU-Atlantic and globalist system.

Thus, the System wins and seems to be at the peak of its power, we sit passively, locked in cells. Deceived, as always, but by completely (a wee old-fashioned, even archetypic) different melody. Globalization triumphs in the sphere of practice, but it suffers consciousness defeat. Then, in any case, I have no doubt in our final victory.