Our international family has lost an elite fighter

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In memoriam Giulietto Chiesa

The news of the death of Giulietto Chiesa is an immeasurable loss not only for the Italian people, who have lost a personality that represented the waking state and consciousness of our time. It is a loss for the entire international intellectual family that represents alternative thinking, critical spirit and the courage to contradict the dictatorship of „political correctness”.

I deeply regret the death of our Italian friend, the great anti-System fighter, politician, writer and publicist Giulietto Chiesa. His contribution to the alternative discourse against the global neoliberal empire is quite exceptional. His presence in international conferences that brought together intellectuals from the new European dissent wave was a privilege and a chance to enjoy his competence, refinement and courage.

I had the honor of meeting with Giulietto Chiesa in various European capitals at academic conferences or alternative media forums. The modesty, simplicity, goodwill and open nature of this man made a very special impression on me.  His friendly smile was a sincere and warm one, completely different from the formal way of western smile.

When the mafia regime that controlled the Republic of Moldova tried to imprison me for my irreconcilable public position, Giulietto Chiesa was among those Western intellectuals who defended me without any hesitation (https://flux.md/stiri/politica/despre-lidertatea-de-espresie-si-nu-numai).

Last time we met was in Bucharest, in August 2019. He was with his colleague from Pandora TV, the well-known Italian writer and publicist Roberto Quaglia. That summer evening we sat for a long time on the terrace of a friend in Bucharest, with a glass of wine and a fraternal discussion about politics, about our new books and plans for future cooperation. I agreed with them that they will participate in the fourth edition of the Chisinau Forum in September 2020, which brings together personalities from academia, writers and non-conformist journalists from various countries around the world.

A man of great character, a tireless soldier, and a faithful comrade went to the Lord.

Let’s God save his Soul!

Requiescat in pace!

Iurie Roșca



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