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Freedom for journalist Pavel Volkov #freevolkov

Pavel Volkov is a Ukrainian journalist, blogger, publicist and writer. On September 27, 2017 in the apartment of Pavel in Zaporozhye, the Security Service of Ukraine he was arrested being accused under art. 110 part 2 (encroachment on territorial integrity) and art. 258 part 1 (on the promotion of terrorist activities) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. At the same time, the main accusation is based on his article he put on his vkontakte page (, his articles are wrote on acute socio-political topics. (
In particular, Pavel wrote that Kiev violated the Minsk agreements, and civilians in the Donbas fall under fire from the Armed Forces (which, as is known, is fixed by international OSCE observers, who are not trying to put them into a Ukrainian prison for some reason).
THE MOST IMPORTANT – the investigation did not provide any weighty arguments, and all the so-called „encroachments” are reduced to the publication of articles and posts in social networks. Hence it becomes clear that this litigation consolidates the status quo in Ukraine: we begin to put in prison everyone who speaks not in the general pro-Ukrainian line. It’s the same thing that if now Venediktov from Echo Moscow was being judged in Russia for his affirmations like ” it is necessary to return Crimea to Ukraine”. You can plead for or against something, but to put in prison for free speech, this is savagery. But nowadays it is absolutely standard charge, which can be incriminated to citizens of Ukraine (the case of journalist Kirill Vyshinsky ), who are not agreeing with the actions of the Ukrainian authorities, occupied by the nation building under the patronage of Washington.
We want to remind to the Ukrainian authorities that intend to join the EU should remember: freedom of expression is one of the fundamental rights embodied in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This is the cornerstone of good governance, sustainable development, lasting peace and security.
At this moment Pavel is in the remand center, his health is seriously undermined. In addition to asthma, he began to suffer severe migraines, and any address to the doctor has ended with the offering of a pill „No-APA” – told for the newspaper VZGLYAD mother of Pavel Volkov, Natalia Alexandrovna.

Let’s defend the truth! Let us rise for the innocent! The arbitrariness of the Ukrainian authorities must be stopped!

Participate in the international action #freevolkov
How to do it?
1. Place this post in your social network (you can just copy it).
2. To conduct support actions (picketing, rally at the embassy / consulate of Ukraine), and post information about the action held in social networks.
3. Post information about the action held in friendly media.
4. Send information about your support to us and We will coordinate the international coverage of the struggle for the liberation of Volkov.
5. To disseminate up-to-date information about the fate of a journalist with the tag #freevolkov

No one should be imprisoned for expressing their position. With us the truth, we will win!


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