New Horizon Conference

New Horizon Conference – a chance to reach peace and truth

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The New Horizon Conference with participation of International Eurasian Movement members has started in Lebanon, informs

The main topics:
– The influence of both Israel and the U.S. Radical right on the Trump administration’s policies abroad.

– The deep divisions within the United States of America and their reflection on its external role.

– U.S. sanctions and their impact on the global system and the choices left for the targeted forces to create alternative frameworks.

– The role of multi-polarity and interfaith in dialogue of civilizations.

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The conference  held in Mashhad in collaboration with the Astan Quds Razavi’s Youths Institute. According to Astan News, Nader Talebzadeh, at the press conference said, “60 international political figures were invited to attend the Sixth International Conference of New Horizon with the motto ‘Qods, the Permanent Capital of Palestine’ will arrive in Mashhad”.

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