Muslim invasion in Moldova through sold citizenship?

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In the last few days, new shocking details have emerged, which are related to the current government’s plan to sell the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova on the international market. Our country risks an unprecedented Muslim invasion.

The only difference between the Muslim invasion of Western Europe and the Muslim invasion currently threatening the Republic of Moldova is that, unlike the exponents of the Islamic world that have spread through the rich countries of the EU, those who will come to our lands are neither refugees nor economic migrants, but representatives of families or companies from Arab countries who own huge capital. These are potential „investors” who have enough money to control even the political life of Moldova.

About the evil connection between Moldovan governors and the money in Arab countries

Some of us might rightly ask: what does this government program have to do with the „danger of Muslim invasion”? It’s simple: „MIC Holding LLC”, one of the members of the consortium who has won the bid for implementing the Citizenship by Investment program, is a Dubai-based company, in the United Arab Emirates,” said St.Lucia News, quoted by .

On the other hand, reveals another detail that is concerning: Henley & Partners, part of the consortium selected by the Moldovan Government to implement the citizenship acquisition program through investments, was involved in a corruption scandal. Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, who initiated an investigation into the sale of citizenships, was killed in October 2017. Her car exploded after a bomb was placed.

It is also significant that „the international launch of the Citizenship by Investment Program will take place at the beginning of November in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where the International Citizenship Forum will take place,” said IPN, quotes the state secretary of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, Vitalie Iurcu. The dignitary did not hesitate to make these details public at the „Theme of the Day” show at Canal 2, the IPN also conveys.

We would also like to mention that our top dignitaries have, for the past few years, plundered at the palaces of the United Arab Emirates and Qatar „in search of investment”. And they seem to have found them.

EU – conquered by pity and Moldova is financially seduced

So, if for countries such as Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain and others, huge waves of migrants were needed, for the Republic of Moldova (which is not at all attractive for the hundreds of thousands of people, some of whom are truly running away from war), another way was found. Because of a government that shares the mammon religion, that is, being crushed by a reckless thirst for money, the capital of several Muslim countries is to be accepted as a „welcomed immigrant” in Moldova. The Chişinău governors do not seem to be disturbed by the political, economic, social and moral-spiritual consequences of this diabolical decision. For such a thing, the ruler Stefan the Great would have commanded their heads to be cut off, and Vlad the Impaler would have fired them all into the Great National Assembly Square.

The arable lands of Moldovans – the main target of rich foreigners

What could be of interest to foreigners (including filthy rich Muslims) in the Republic of Moldova more than our fertile land? Business in the construction industry? Not likely! Current investors in this area already seem to be many. The banking services market is also small. And with its capture by Western capitals, there isn’t too much space left for the Arabs. Probably part of the capital will be invested in industrial activities. But the lack of qualified (skilled) labor force will cause the authorities to accept immigrants in this sector as well.

Agriculture is currently the sector with the highest prospects, which the government of Chisinau does not want to develop with local forces and resources. Investor-buyers of Moldovan citizenship will seek to capture as many arable lands as possible. These will be exploited to enrich the foreigners with purchased citizenship. They will use all the advanced technologies and means to squeeze out of our land everything they can, produce food that will be sold to us and exported to the markets of other countries. The Moldovan citizen risks being a servant to the Muslim master in his own country, and the Republic of Moldova to be transformed into a colony of Arab sheikhs.

Amnesty of capital and money laundering?

In an article published on, economics expert Veaceslav Negruta gave his opinion about this devious and scandalous act of the government. He admits that the sale of Moldovan citizenship to foreigners could be something „associated with the fiscal amnesty project because it was introduced at the same time in Parliament and has the same group of parliamentarians as signatories.” The economist also stresses that there is „the suspicion that the means stolen from the banking system through the scheme known as” theft of the billion” will be brought in and legalized in the country. Even if the regime’s defenders assure us that „this will not happen because there will be more filters to verify the people who request the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova and also their means”.

According to Negruta, „the government initiated this program according to the model implemented in Malta”. But „the main element that makes the program initiated in Moldova different is the granting of citizenship through the purchase of titles issued by the state. He warns that „this is a credit formula, and in five years’ time, the state budget, already out of the money paid out of taxes, is going to return this sum with interest to those new citizens who in the meantime will take a passport from Moldova” and that our country, through this program, „will attract more of those who seek to secure the protection of dubious funds”.

Trade with citizenship under the conditions of excess liquidity

Economics expert Viorel Gârbu, quoted by the same source, said that today our country „is facing massive excess of liquidity and does not have the problem of the necessity of investments in the economy.” He also claims that „the National Bank’s official reserve assets now reach three billion dollars, and here at least one billion is extra.” Under these circumstances, Gârbu wonders why the Government does not come up with initiatives to use the existing means in the national economy.

„If we do not change the internal structural problems, which characterize the way the national economy evolves, what is the use of the money coming from abroad?”, asks Viorel Garbu.

Moldova – invaded by Muslim capital and islamized?

In addition to analyzing the economic opportunity of this government program, we should all be concerned about the fate of our society, given that Muslim capital could become a key element in the political, economic and administrative equation of Republic of Moldova. With financial investments, money owners will bring the rules they are accustomed to in our country. They will not be quiet until they have political security to secure their investments. That is why the temptation to „support” a number of their convenient reforms will be great, and until the interference of those behind the capital brought to Moldova by the acquisition of citizenships in the country’s domestic politics remains a certain step – obtaining seats in electoral lists and of ministerial functions by the new Moldovan citizens. The policies that they will promote in Parliament will have nothing in common with preserving the Christian-Orthodox identity of Moldovans. The number of new „citizens through investment” could go up considerably. We will find ourselves in the face of the following reality: the new citizens, many, will seek to claim all kinds of rights, including religious ones. And if they have representatives in Legislative and Executive (or simply enough money to corrupt political decision-makers), they will promote, for example, the right to have mosques. And if previously the Islamic cult record in Moldova was possible through the signature of a minister of justice who is not an exponent of Islam, then what could happen if the witnesses of this religion penetrate the state institutions? Their aggressive behavior in the countries of Western Europe is eloquent.

The year 2018 is decreed by the President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, as the year of Saint Stephan the Great. What kind of heart might these leaders that lay flowers on the monument of our great ruler have, if in such a year they are allowed to adopt such laws which are nothing but a sale of land? Who among Moldovans still has the illusion that today’s rulers are worthy sons of this people , and not wicked worshipers of Mamona, willing to sell their own country?

Today, all sane people of parties, the Church, the state institutions, academics, journalists, businessmen, experts from all fields have the duty to unite in order to curb this evil that has been set up by the current usurpers.

By bought citizenships, foreigners will gain access to our land. With their huge amounts of money, foreigners are able to take our land.

Let’s stop them until it’s too late.

Ghenadie Vaculovschi