Michel Raimbaud : What grounds do the self-proclaimed “Great Democracies » grant to themselves the right to classify heads of State

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Recently, the former French diplomat Professor Michel Raimbaud published a book entitled ‘ The Syrian Wars’ [Les Guerres de Syrie,] in order to provide the readers with some think tracks and leads for reflection, if not answers to the questions asked by those willing to understand.

‘The book will offer a frame of explanation for the ongoing events, unveiling some realities and facts, and demystifying many lies and fictions,’ the author told the Syria Times e-newspaper, hoping that his book will contribute towards doing justice to Syria, its People, its Army that have resisted under a courageous leadership, with the support of allies and friends, to this savage and unprecedented aggression.

Prof. Raimbaud says that those Syrian Wars , which have spread destruction and sown chaos are very complicated, would surely appear less impenetrable if they have been tackled with the freedom of speech and expression theoretically guaranteed in any democratic constitution, if they have been analyzed with the critical approach that is supposed to characterize French Cartesianism.

He affirmed that what happened was very different: it’s a unique, false and fake story-telling that was favored and spread by the Western countries and their Allies.

‘ For those willing to understand what happened and why it happened, this narrative does raise a number of questions with no answers,’ Prof. Raimbaud added.

He posed the following questions :

Why should the United States, Britain and France be concerned by Wars in the Middle East, and what is the nature of their concerns? Why do they conceal so carefully the scale and the scope of their deep and active involvement in those murderous and devastating conflicts?

Are the self-proclaimed “Great Democracies” really invested with a natural vocation to be the guides of the Civilized World or Leaders of the so-called “International Community” or were they given the responsibility of drafting Road Maps for the future of Syria, or Libya or …etc…

In other words, on what grounds do they grant to themselves the “right to tell and define the International Law”, and to point out which heads of State are good leaders or bad guys?

The Western governments and leaders are used to recognizing, after years, the disasters caused and brought about by their interventions or illegal interference abroad. Why do they persist in spreading this strategy of Innovative Chaos, using Democracy and Human Rights as delusive pretexts?

Is the real proximity and indulgence of the western governments towards the Takfirist movements defensible as soon as terrorism is striking France and Europe? How to explain such a strong contrast between the emotion about the hundreds of victims of terrorist attacks in Europe on the one side, and the silence or indifference as regards hundreds of thousands or millions of killed or casualties, refugees and displaced people, resulting from the “democratic interventions” by the western powers and their friends in the Middle East or Africa (among other examples) on the other side?

Is it really indispensable to destroy entire countries under the pretext of instituting and expanding a Democracy that remains by the way quite invisible?

May or can we ask those questions or denounce those heavy contradictions without being pinpointed as promoting “Conspiracy Theories”? Isn’t it surprising to note that the intellectuals, the medias, the political class – the elites –are with a very few exceptions unanimous in their approach and analysis of the Syrian (or Libyan, etc…) wars and crises, in lying or keeping silence (cf. the aggression against Yemen)? How not to consider this strange unanimity as suspicious?

Prof. Raimbaud concluded by saying : ‘It is my conviction that Syria will get back every inch of its national territory and reach not only the military victory but win also the battle of Peace and Reconstruction.’

Interviewed by : Basma Qaddour

Source: http://www.syriatimes.sy