Manuel Ochsenreiter: „In economy: Berlin offers “German business values”, but our box includes “Wall Street” instead. That is “fraudulent labeling” in its purest form”

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Speech of Mr. Manuel Ochsenreiter, German Center for Eurasian Studies, at the International Conference “Financial capitalism and its alternatives for the 21st century. Contributions to the 4th Economic Theory”



Dear Mr.President,

dear honorable guests, dear ladies and gentlemen,

it is a very regular habit, that German official speakers apologize in foreign countries fort he past. Good that I am not an official!

So please forgive me that I won´t follow that iron rule of German foreign performance. Because I think: Our problem today is not our past, our problems are the events of the present time – of today and not of yesterday. In other words: German officials apologize for World War II, while they plan and conduct a policy of harming our continent Europe, while they impose a system of liberal financial colonialism on Eastern and South Eastern Europe and while they get ready for a new serious confrontation with the Russian world. This is – I don´t find another term – hypocrisy.

What is happening today in the name of my nation is shameful. I would call it: “fraudulent labeling”. What do we usually understand under that term? If I offer you a product and you find later out that in the box is something else, most probably of lower quality – it is “fraudulent labeling”. When you want to buy chicken in the market, but they give you dog or cat meat instead for example. To translate it in politics: In foreign relations Berlin says “German interest”, but in reality we do “transatlanticism”. And not to forget: We say Europe, but we mean EU. In economy: Berlin offers “German business values”, but our box includes “Wall Street” instead. That is “fraudulent labeling” in its purest form.

There are many other examples for wrong labels. We call a legal act of a homosexual couple “marriage”, someone who visited so-called “gender studies” in university we call a “scientist” and bloodthirsty terrorists and migrated rapists and criminals we call “enrichment for our over-aged societies and our pension payers of tomorrow”.

But there is one very well known example for “fraudulent labeling”: The “Deutsche Bank”. Many people – maybe even some here in the audience – actually think this is our national bank. Because of the name: “Deutsche Bank” – “German bank”. It sounds almost as stable and reliable as “Swiss clock”. But the “Deutsche Bank” is an ordinary private bank, highly involved in hyper-capitalist speculation projects of Wall Street, a globalist financial institution where “German” is only the label. Our national bank is the “Bundesbank” – “federal bank”. Of course – “Bundesbank” sounds less attractive than “Deutsche Bank”. But exactly that is the essence of “fraudulent labeling”.

In central Europe we got so used to those lies, to these misinterpretations of reality that very often it is hard for us to distinguish between the virtual reality of fraudulent labeling and the real world.

The global financial crisis of 2008 should have opened our eyes. For the first time in modern history, the German government was bailing out a private consumer bank – the Commerzbank, Germany’s second largest. In other words: Real tax payer´s money, generated by German workers, employees, small and big businesses had to fill a huge gap caused by virtual hyper speculation and risky financial operations. The trust we used to have into our – as we thought – “solid” banking sector was broken in 2008 and the years after.

Unfortunately today we find that virtual principle of “fraudulent labeling” in the whole European economic space, especially when it comes to Eastern and South Eastern Europe. Those countries were penetrated with gigantic advertisement campaigns to join the European Union, the EU economic sphere. Ask the Czech, the Hungarians, the Bulgarians or the Romanians about the promises from Brussels and Berlin. They paid a high price. Their industry came under attack, their values were raped – and recently they became a giant Autobahn for masses of illegal migrants crossing the so-called “Balkan route”.

Or – check the Ukrainian mainstream media today and read the expectations they have from getting just a little bit closer to the Brussels super entity.

This is not the Europe of Europeans – it is the EU of the international financial sector. It is not a coincidence that the global financial institutions are promoting all means of disintegration of our societies. In Germany the huge globalist companies promote mass migration despite of the dangers, they promote the brain drain from South Eastern Europe to the center where – for example – a Romanian teacher earns his money by serving beer to drunk students and budget tourists in Berlin, Cologne or Hamburg. This is a system destroying any collective identity in Europe – and collective identities are important also when it comes to social security. At the end will be a nameless and faceless continent of some hundred million individuals – or maybe better: consumers. But even if there will be no “Germany” anymore – there would still be a “Deutsche Bank”.

How to counter such a development? How to fight it? How to develop a European immune system? The authentic political left in Europe such as many socialist groups fight for imposing strict rules and draconic penalties for the globalist financial entities. They fight as well against the system of virtual systems of finances, the system of casino capitalism. Will that better the situation? Maybe a bit. But unfortunately in many cases the left underestimates the importance of the collective identities. The conservative Eurosceptic forces fight against the disintegration of their national and cultural identities. But they underestimate very often the importance of limiting the power of the financial globalism.

But one without the other won´t work out at the end. The system of virtual economy goes hand in hand with the system of disintegration of societies. The open market comes with the open society and vice versa.

As I said in the beginning: It is a shame that today´s Berlin is the leading force of open market and open society in Europe – we could even say: Angela Merkel is the bulldozer of disintegration.

Germany could play a positive role. If she finds back to her own identity. But exactly there the real work of us Germans, those who are in opposition to Berlin mainstream politics starts. Being here and discussing with you our new Europe – the European Europe – is a good start. A Europe, where a German official will be able and willing to start a speech without an apology.

Thank you.