Lybia: on The demonstration in Benghazi against terrorism in the context of Turkish intervention

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The people of Benghazi are preparing to take part in a large rally against terrorism and Turkish intervention in the Libyan conflict. According to Libya Alhadath TV, the protest rally will take place on Friday, February 28.

At a press conference, Libyan National Army spokesman Ahmad al-Mismari said that unfriendly forces, represented by terrorists actively aided by Turkey, are trying to destroy Libya by undermining its statehood and territorial integrity. Mismari stressed that the Libyans would not allow the militants to do this.

He also noted that the people of the country must speak with one voice against Turkey and its leader RecepTayyip Erdogan, who sponsors terrorists from the Sarraj’s government. „No to Erdogan. No to terrorism!” – exclaimed Ahmad al-Mismari.


In November 2019, Turkey signed two memorandums with the GNA – one on military support, and the second on delimitation at sea. According to the Skhirat agreements, the GNA as a transitional government did not have the right to sign such documents. According to the agreement on the delimitation of maritime borders, the GNA supported Turkey’s claims for a part of the Greek and Cyprus territorial waters. Moreover, Ankara intend to jointly with Libya exploit possible oil and gas reserves on the Libyan coast.

In fact, in exchange for military support, Ankara imposed on Tripoli treaty aimed at gaining control of a significant part of the country’s oil and gas wealth and forced the head of the GNA Fayez Sarraj to support his territorial claims to neighboring countries. This is a classic example of imperialist politics and the transformation of a part of Libya controlled by the GNA into a Turkish semi-colony.

The fact that we are talking about sub-imperialism, which is more likely to embed hegemony than to question it, is evidenced by the statement of the GNA Interior Minister Fathi Bashaga, who on February 21 announced the possibility of creating a US military base in Libya. It is unlikely that such a serious statement was not agreed with the Turkish patrons of the GNA. It is also significant that in 2011 Turkey solidified with the imperialist Western powers in the overthrow of the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

According to Lybian sources, Turkey is preparing to launch a new wave of fighting in Libya. This conclusion can be confirmed by the analysis of the recent Turkish arms transfers to Tripoli. On 26 February, an official spokesman for the Libyan National Army, Ahmad al-Mismari, said that terrorists, together with the Turkish army, were bombing south of Tripoli with heavy weapons.

The latest news confirmed that Turkey continues to violate the UN arms embargo imposed on Libya. All this is contrary to the commitments made, confirmed by Erdogan at the Berlin conference on 19 January.

Four Leopard1T tanks, two T-300 Kasirga MLRSs and various armored vehicles have been added to the GNA arsenal of Libya from official Ankara last week. After Turkey’s assistance to Tripoli became official, the Libyan GNA received weapons with an impressive striking effect, the use of which could destroy entire population centers.

The Libyan GNA has maintained a rising trend of provocation by attacking Libyan National Army (LNA) positions and forcing them to return fire. For his part, the LNA official speaker, Major General Ahmad al-Mismari, assured that the Libyan National Army was maintaining a ceasefire and responding to enemy fire in a targeted manner.

The terrorist threat

Turkey’s preparation for a new round of confrontation in Libya does not bode well not only for that country, but also for Europe. First of all, it can provoke new flows of refugees through the Mediterranean Sea. Secondly, unlike Syria, the Islamists transferred by Turkey to Libya are within Europe’s direct radius of action – only a few hundred km from the Italian coast.

The official spokesman of the Libyan National Army, Ahmad al-Mismari, has repeatedly accused Turkey of transporting Al Qaeda fighters to Libya. For its part, even the Nawasi militia, which is on the government side in Tripoli, has recently stated that the Syrians transferred by Turkey to Libya are members of ISIS.

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