Iurie Roșca: Is the regime preparing to send me to prison or is it just a simple error of procedure?

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This text is intended to inform the public that I am being prosecuted by the Anticorruption Prosecution Unit under a report made up under the command of those that are fed up with me by an „informer on duty” of the bodies of repression.

Thus, on the morning of February 28, nine prosecutors and officers from the Anticorruption Prosecution Unit searched through the office where I do my work, having a warrant. It was brought to my attention that I am suspected of influence peddling. We initially thought it was a confusion. The search looked like the ones in movies. I asked what they were looking for, hoping to help them with something. I was given the answer: „Money, notes, computers, all other kinds of devices that contain information.” Fifteen pieces were taken, computers (including all of my colleagues’ computers), the outer memory with my electronic library, my cell phone, notebooks, manuscripts, note sheets, etc.

The morning of the same day I was told that I had the status of suspect and in the afternoon the prosecutor Mihail Ivanov informed me that I already had the status of accused and also forced me not to leave the country for 30 days.

From the documents provided by the criminal investigative body I learned that the dossier was created on March 21, 2017. However, perhaps to avoid being aware of the existence of a criminal case in which I am considered a suspect, the procedure obliging the investigative body to inform the person suspected within 30 days from the initiation of the criminal prosecution, the case was started on a criminal offense. Even if it is very strange that in the circumstances when there is a denouncer and a presumed perpetrator, that is, only two individuals, additional operative investigative measures to establish the author of the crime are necessary. So, I suppose that „the people of the law” had the full freedom of watching me for 8 months, using their entire arsenal of surveillance.

And only on November 28, 2017, the chief-prosecutor of the Anticorruption Prosecution Unit, Viorel Morari, issued an ordinance that gave me the status of suspect, forming an inquiry group of 15 (fifteen!) prosecutors and officers to deal with the case. Then followed surveillance tactics, wiretapping of phone calls and e-mails. In order to obtain the extension of the right to use special criminal investigation procedures, allowed only for a maximum of 30 days, prosecutors appealed to the judges twice, allowing them to continue the surveillance. Thus, the maximum term of a person’s prosecution without being notified was fully utilized. This is the reason why the investigative group had arrived on February 28, 2018, exactly three months from the start of the criminal investigation against myself as a suspect.

The criminal investigation went on for three more months, with repeated visits to the Anticorruption Prosecution Unit.

In essence, I am charged with claiming and obtaining a „very large” amount of money from one individual „for a criminal purpose”, the aim being to influence a court decision in 2009. I will not go into details as they will be presented in the court hearings, which I hope to be public. But I can argue, without any risk of sinning against the truth, that the file is sewn with white thread and it reeks of the intention of silencing a man undesirable to the present government.

On Friday, May 25, I was invited to the prosecutor Michael Ivanov to sign the ban on leaving the country for the fourth time.

Today, May 31, the prosecutor finished the investigation and presented the accusation. In short time the first hearing of the court of law will take place.

The case I am being blamed for was in 2009, when I had already lost the elections and all the official functions, no longer a deputy or deputy prime minister, but an unemployed person with no minimal influence in the state. The government had already installed those who I had criticized for the attempted coup d’état on April 7, 2009. Why is this criminal complaint only coming to surface in 2017 and why did the individual not search for justice before – this raises new questions.

I remind everyone that I am and remain a tough critic of the current regime. I consider it illegitimate, abusive and dangerous for our national interests. It is well known that our country is in the state of usurpation of state power.

I published and have always published articles in Romanian, Russian, English and French, in both national and foreign press, with firm criticism of the current government. I do TV shows and make Internet videos that do not please those in power today. I have edited and continue to print books that do not fit the party line of those in the top of the state hierarchy. I am the initiator and organizer of the Chisinau Forum, an internationally visible debate platform which gathers dozens of intellectuals from all over the continent. I am a journalist, editor, translator and militant for conservative, traditional, Orthodox values. I had a long political career. I have never sought to avoid any public confrontations with the ones at the top in today’s hierarchy. This time, I will keep my verticality, and my faith.

I would like to add that during the investigation period, when I was subjected to the ban on leaving the country, the prosecutor Mihail Ivanov prevented me from attending a series of international conferences where I was going to speak. Thus, I find it clear that the measure was taken to thwart my international activity.

If I am to be condemned and imprisoned, I am not going to abandon my beliefs nor bend to those in power at the moment, which probably jubilate at the thought of getting rid of another inconvenient person.

That which I talked about, I will keep telling and writing in whatever circumstances. Be happy, those of you who despise me and are counting my days! That person which you hate is subject to public execution, humiliation and mockery of all hirelings and impostors. But be careful not to have your happiness cut short. Oft times one day is better than sometime a whole year. We will see who gets the last laugh.


May 31, 2018

Iurie Roșca,


Republic of Moldova

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