Iranin oil and european independence

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The Polish media and energy market experts have given a very large, prestigious significance to the arrival of oil tanker „Delta Kanaris” to the Gdansk Refinery, which supplied 130,000. tons of light Iranian oil for the needs of PKN ORLEN. On Friday, 13th April, this was the most important news of the main Polish state television channels, together with the announcement that in a few months PKN ORLEN may sign a long-term agreement for the supply of oil from Iran. And a day later, Polish decision makers were already behaving, saying and looking as if they had heard for the first time in their lives that Iran existed at all. This is a perfect example (of course one of many) for the comprador status of Poland, typical for all Central Europe. With Russia in the background – as always in our times…

„Delivery from Iran has become a reality. Oil from the Middle East gives us many opportunities. First and foremost, it enables diversification of delivery directions and increasing the energy security of the state. No less important, however, is that it is a species that is completely safe for processing at our Płock Refinery, allowing for very satisfactory economic effects” – enjoyed Daniel Obajtek, the Chairman of PKN ORLEN, biggest Polish oil company. What is important aspect – ORLEN is also the eighth largest buyer of Russian oil, in 2017 buying 10.4 million tons for $ 3.8 billion, but company owned by Polish Government is “looking for diversification”.

“Diversify” means buy from Americans

“Diversification” is the most favourable term of present Polish pseudo-economical language, and it is understood as final proof of Polish independence. Independence only from Russia, of course. Changing directions of supply of energy raw materials is just a political decision, because, regardless of Polish-Russian gas disputes (with of course Ukraine in the background) – on the petroleum market Warsaw-Moscow cooperation is just model. Russia supplies Poland with 29% oil purchased (in 2017), while Norway 12%, and thanks to the „Friendship” oil pipeline built in 1965 we have access to the cheapest oil in the region and we enjoy the benefit of both so called transport and geographic rents. If we count the average of last 13 years, it turns out that Russian oil is cheaper by $ 1.6 per barrel. At prices of $ 60-70, it seems not much, but with more than 25 million tons of imported oil, it gives us a huge sum of billions of zlotys of savings per year (compared to average prices of oil purchased by EU countries). Thus, a clean economic calculation means, that trade relations with Russia should continue, America, however, imposes its own solutions under the cover of diversification, forcing purchases of Iraqi or Saudi oil, despite their clearly worse parameters, as heaviness and sulfation. Especially it is Iraqi oil which in recent years has been winning European markets, its share in EU imports increased from 2% in 2005 to over 8% in the previous year.

In the same time Russia also diversifies outlets, especially to China and whole Pacific Region, Iran could therefore prove to be a supplementary supplier for Europe (e.g. Italy in January signed a $6 billion investment deal with Tehran) – but even this solution is unacceptable for Saudi salesmen called American Government. Following Trump’s instructions – London, Berlin and Paris have just supported the new sanctions on Iran, and now all members of EU should accept it. That is why this symbolic contract with Iran, enthusiastically welcomed in Poland – caused quick and aggressive reaction of the Embassy of USA. Management of Polish state television and leader of Polish ruling party they were called urgently by Paul B. Jones, American Ambassador in Warsaw, who announced them that Donald Trump administration is determined to ban further economic and economic Polish ties with Iran. The only one accepted directions of diversification for Poland – these are USA (and their Iraq colony) and Saudi Arabia. Some of the media immediately changed their tone triggering an alarm that because of the contract with Teheran, Poles could get this evil, wrong… oil from Russia! There is no sense in such “argumentation”, but in the present state of mind and towards intensity of propaganda, that argument is still more important than all economic profits…

Not sovereign enough

That way, in the context of earlier enthusiasm for cooperation with Iran – Poland is undergoing one of the next serious tests of its sovereignty and national dignity. As other American colonies, especially in Eastern Europe – Poland is to be as much “independent” as possible to reject the savings, profits and benefits of trade with Russia, but not sovereign enough to buy any from another source, not accepted and pointed by The Big Brother.

However, this is not only about the typical complaints about the subordinate status of Poland and the whole of Europe in the American interests. This also shows straight importance of the Middle Eastern front of the global war for the whole Eurasia. Just as Western Eurasia depends on Russian oil and gas supplies – for Russia, basing the economy almost exclusively on the status of an energy supplier also means addiction, stopping the authorities in Moscow from almost any serious geopolitical decision. In the future bipolar World, Russia, as the center of Eurasia, must play a key role anyway, but Russian economy must look for new variables by itself. Just with that in mind, there is also a place for potential parallel centers – as Iran. And here is the level of the new community: Europe (including Poland), Russia, Iran (also Turkey as an element necessary for security reasons), of course, however, under one essential condition – getting rid of American hegemony. And those stupid 130,000 tons of oil – become a symbol of this the symbol of the liberation.

By Konrad Rekas