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Along with the Climatism, COVID, all this baggage of accelerating transformation – we are already on the Golden Path, in Harlan’s World, in the realities of so many dystopias.

The funniest thing with “the Climate Change” is that it is a binding doctrine of the media, pop culture and politics for last several years. This concept is taught in schools, it is almost the only one in the media, we can watch it in a multitude of Hollywood productions. And above all, it universally justifies the numerous social-economic experiments and social engineering decisions of almost all governments in the world, which we observe ESPECIALLY as part of the COVIDpolicy. But despite such an all-powerful and omnipresent domination, the popular followers are still indoctrinated on “Oh, ah, why NO ONE NOTES how huge problem climate change is!” The main, in practice almost monopolistic World Ideology (because by eliminating competition not even the doctrine) – is still to remain the “nonconformist voice of the counterculture”. This is the genius of PR of the Climatism, despite all its crude infantility …

The Big STOP 

Firstly “the Climate Change” was just a banal concept, intended to cover the propaganda invented back in the 1970s and then utopian vision of creating new energy centres beyond the domination of oil, coal and gas. Its purpose was to somehow justify the unimaginable costs and low energy efficiency of such a transformation. But know it is already living its own life, and “the Pandemic” looks like merely an attempt / opportunity to speed up the implementation of the “Climate Agenda” under the cover of Government-sanitary tyranny.

Yes, the Climastism IS in the most important phenomenon on Earth, indeed. It will not only justify civilization changes on an unprecedented scale, including the relocation of the resources. But it will also manage a feat so far unknown in the history of mankind: using technological methods (shielded, as mentioned, by social engineering and political omnipotence aiming at shortcuts to totalitarianism) to introduce progress into a… technological dead end. And there will be no easy escape from, because of the programmed insufficiency of the energy within the World Economic System. After Centuries, Millenniums of development – the era of planned stagnation is coming. Earth – go to sleep. Mankind – freeze. Here is a Big STOP ahead of us.

And of course, calling this operation profitable for some – is to mistake the pyramid with a children’s brick …

The Golden Path

The malicious say we live in a world of the AF: Anti-Science Fiction. The present civilization transformation makes a virtue out of regression, but for sure does not take us back to any reactionary utopia, to Shire from the wet dreams of ecology friendly traditionalists. And it is not equal, or even similar to any other transition in the history of mankind. Because even the real or imagined dark ages, the periods of forgetting the achievements of previous epochs – were caused by truly EXTERNAL factors, mostly wars, collapses of empires, and in a certain perspective, of course, also changes in the environment, including climate changes. However, these were their AFTERMATHS, mostly bleak – but for sure not pre-planned and deliberately implemented scenarios. Which does not mean, of course, that such ones were not created – but mainly for the purposes of … film and literature.

Already many years ago, a recognised author (e.g. SF) and cultural theorist, Roberto Quaglia, formulated the thesis that the level of acceptance or rather social passivity towards civilization engineering is growing and is the result of, inter alia, permanent taming of the human species with even the most absurd and shocking projects, presented in movies, novels, comics, games, etc. That is why almost no resistance is aroused by the funny-scary envelope of “the Pandemic”, hence the great triumph of the Climatism ideology. However, do we know any examples of a similar imprint of a real mega-reset on a global, perhaps even epochal, scale? Of course. One of the best known (at least in times when texts longer than 600 characters were read …) example of such visions comes from Frank Herbert’s the Dune Universe, and especially his most… ideological part, the novel “God-Emperor of Dune”. Without summarising the whole, we should recall the concept of the Golden Path, also because we have just found ourselves on its transfer into the real World …

This is the 24th Millennium, after Centuries of star exploration, wars and the rejection of at least some particularly dangerous elements of technological progress – for 10,400 years the mankind has lived within a galactic empire, with a complex oligarchic-feudal structure, guided by secret systems and the game of forces of the main centres. The system, despite internal shocks, is quite stable, although for its smaller viewers the more spectacular events may obscure the organic nature of this reality. This, in turn, functions on the basis of an element that goes beyond the rank of an ordinary resource – the Spice, enabling interstellar travels, thus being the greatest measurable value, as well as an absolutely necessary element of the functioning of the spirituality and all extrasensory World, constituting civilisation and its system of organisation. This situation lasts until the appearance of someone considered to be the Messiah, realizing something between the outbreak of a revolution and a coup, in a word – a series of wholly irrelevant events we read about in the first two parts of the cycle.

Because the most important is mentioned third novel. This is because in it the real Change, civilisational one, is shown and then explained. After a period of political struggle, the reign of Leto II – God-Emperor, a hybrid of man and a giant desert worm (mega-animal through its evolutionary cycle related to the formation of the Spice) continues. The old factions, divisions, interest groups, great families, corporations and guilds seem to exist, as if they are trying to continue the old games – but it does not matter much. For 3,500 years there is a planned STAGNATION. The Emperor’s Golden Path, based on hydraulic regulation of access to the only existing resource and for one purpose only: immobilising humanity. Possibly boring it to the edge. Getting used the people that as unchangeable as Leto’s power is, and no movement is needed – another change is simply impossible, almost biologically, physically, for the God-Emperor is almost indestructible, and the Spice supply depends entirely on his will (and is considered non-renewable). Humanity (because despite the mutation it is still humanity) is immobilised on every plane – physical movement, state of mind, spiritual state. And the mankind is in this stasis almost absolutely and universally happy!

Of course, however, in the novel The Golden Paths turns out not to be an end, but only a means of forcing human evolution. Leto (and earlier his father, Paul Atreides the Messiah or Saint John the Baptist, we are never sure) had seen more than the others. Especially the symptoms of true degeneration and stagnation, fully voluntary and irreversible, developing within the previous, “normality”, quite similar to our presence. The Atreides understood that mankind is suspended on a pendulum between decay, decadence, degeneration without the will to survive – and chaos, the war of everyone against everyone, also leading to disintegration and decoherence.

The thirty-five centuries of compulsory lockdown, fully in line with the general public will were supposed to unleash changes in individuals, make them unlearned of the blind faith in charismatic leaders, teach them to defend their minds. And above all, give them the feeling of being so stifled and constricted that the sudden (although planned by the God-Emperor himself) end of the Golden Path could throw humanity like an explosion of life towards the stars, without the limitations of old technologies and ideologies which had died in the forgotten past.

Well, but it is only a book after all. Yes, we have already been introduced to our own Golden Path. Yes, resource centres are shifting, and control over them will give absolute power. And so, an overwhelming manifestation of this will be, or actually are stillness, passivity, stasis, a small sample of which we have experienced in the last several months and which will probably be set for us again and again. No matter – with successive COVID “waves” and “variants”, with some new “pandemic” (preferably zoonotic and/or coming with water to control the most important resources: food and drink), and ultimately probably preceding and announcing the great God-Emperor of the Climate’s Advent.

But unlike Leto II – after all, nobody does it to protect us from decadence, decay and excess of modernity, to accumulate us to explode into space, to solve Earth’s problems, to new challenges. The point is only for the entropy to take place under strictly controlled and profitable conditions in accordance with the collapse of civilization as we know it.


The most important questions that define precisely the controllability of the ongoing changes remain: What to do with the unproductive human mass? Should consumption and the related money turnover be maintained and how? In particular, is the exponential increase in the availability of goods possible and justified, strengthening the common belief in life in the best period of human / Western history? All these issues come down to the question of price. So far – understood primarily geoeconomically and paid through area deindustrialisation and relocation of production, considered as a natural consequence of Globalisation. The problem, however, is that the next step must be the planned regression, the abandonment of technological progress and the gradual Delabourisation of Humanity.

Hardly anyone remembers today that according to the original, natural interpretation of religious myths, with particular emphasis on Christianity – work was almost always treated as a punishment, as a state of ill, burden and mortification, while the bliss of a human being was unanimously considered … idleness. And that how it has been going even in cultures that promote daily effort for individual or collective success. A symptom or even a goal of progress was therefore a gradual reduction in the need for work, throughout the epochs believing and hoping for the state in which man will no longer have to work. First – by burdening the dehumanized part of humanity (e.g. slaves or representatives of undeveloped peoples), and then creating machines and programs to replace the Homo Faber

The feeling that human destiny is absolute passivity, sanctioned by resignation from work, the archetypal „return on the palm” – has always accompanied us. And since this variant was discussed (which also gave generations a chance to avoid more concrete activities) – it was also considered what to replace work in human life. As hated as considered necessary, even for the emotional and mental stability of our species. Especially in recent decades, these considerations have lost their utopian character, and even began to be expressed in quite specific projects, e.g shortening working time (first during the day, then also on a weekly basis), universal basic income or negative income tax, and finally in the visions of maintaining and paying for unproductive forms of human activity, such as sports and various hobbies that are cultivated purely for the pleasure and satisfaction of the individuals.

The project of liquidation of labour has been developed (at least scientifically) for at least decades, and the pioneer of its analysis in Poland was one of the most outstanding post-Marxists, prof. Adam Schaff. His vision of Ecumenical Humanism, i.e. a kind of Christian Socialism, is based precisely on the assumption that with the disappearance of wage labour – the capitalism known to us will come to an end, as a system based precisely on the exploitation of this work. Unfortunately, however, because we have the misfortune (although from an observational point of view rather lucky …) to live in times when such a transformation actually finally takes place – we can notice that the course of events does not confirm the eternally optimistic worldview of prof. Schaff. On the contrary, the right is one of his brightest critics, prof. Andrzej L. Zachariasz, seeing in the current processes not so much the finale of history, but their return to the patterns known, for example, from ancient Rome, with his slave labour (now finally performed by robots and mechanisms), a very small croesualised class and the rest functioning in relative stability in life but completely passive, like Roman proles waiting for another distribution of grain and oil between the circuses. The political system best reflecting this kind of class dependencies would be the current Liberalism, only rejecting the already unnecessary democratic appearance and being openly totalitarian, omnipotent.

This scenario is perfectly matched by the Climatism and the last several months of COVID policy and economy, which have remarkably accelerated the changes signalled and reported earlier. It is enough to mention that something absolutely unimaginable two years ago, like the universal payment for … refraining from work, not for work (even unnecessary) – in no time has become a normal practice. Already some time ago a factor capable of some degree to influencing the transformation process, the self-aware working class – was eliminated. The course of events also confirms that Delabourisation is accompanied not only by the increasingly desperate search for other forms of activity by that part of humanity which discovers that laziness is not as blessed as it seemed to be. An alternative to the wage labour turns out to be, among others… the mercenary, service in the broadly understood protection and security of the elites. And this process will never give us any elimination of social divisions, how the utopians promised, but will only consolidate the barriers, as easy to challenge, cross and overthrow as on the eve of slaves’ uprisings in ancient Rome.

Neo-Luddism is not the answer

Our chances and possibilities of resisting this form of transformation (even if we really wanted to resist in some countable and significant group …) – correspond approximately to the perspectives of 19th-century Luddites. They also more or less linked the threat coming from the development of means of production with the civilization change it had brought. However, our vaccine absence, rejection of communication techniques, or desperate keeping forms of transport called anachronic, insisting on the movement and work at a time when they are more and more passé – admittedly seem to have the signs of rebellion, but are doomed to the same end as destroying machines. It is true that we feel more than ever that technology controls us, but the alternative cannot be the lack of technology. By supporting such “solutions” offered to us, we ourselves deprive ourselves of the chance to create and use counter-weapons against the omnipotence of the system, based precisely on the technical advantage. The call for Detechnologisation is the scream of those Indians who announce that when they are murdered with rifles, then will the more defend themselves with arrows and knives. Returning to a happy hut made of a sh…t in the forest – it is a consent to internment in an open-air museum. It is a voluntary closure in a reservation, where they want to keep everyone who is not fit to the Brave New World. Paradoxically, but today a sign of resistance to progress, it turns out … to hold on its gains: industrialism, wage labour, energy-eating, technologies, even motorisation! The Polish industrial, brutal neo-pagan Stachniuk is more anti-system today than idyllic Belloc and Chesterton. Which does not change the fact that resistance is more a symptom of mental health and emotional hygiene than a real chance to reverse the trend…

Along with the Climatism, COVID, all this baggage of accelerating transformation – we are already on the Golden Path, in Harlan’s World, in the realities of so many dystopias. And we will have plenty of time to think about how we got here – and no desire to even consider it at all. Even though we won’t have anything better to do …

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