GIANLUCA SAVOINI: Without a strong government, Italy will have to continue to depend on the decisions of the Brussels bureaucracy. Italy will never have its national, political, economic or military sovereignty.

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Speech of Mr. GIANLUCA SAVOINI, President “Associazione Lombardia-Russia”, Advisor Foreign Office Lega Nord, at the International Conference “Financial capitalism and its alternatives for the 21st century. Contributions to the 4th Economic Theory”


Next spring in Italy we will have political elections that will be decisive not only for us but for the whole of Europe. On one side there will be the globalist left, a servant of the great international finance, anti-Russian, anti-Christian, favorable to gay marriage, pro-immigrants, represented by the Democratic Party. On the other side there is a sovereign right, anti-globalist right, favorable to the defense of the family, proud of the European historical traditions, anti-illegal immigrants, represented by Lega Nord. Lega will be allied with two other conservative parties, even different ones: Fratelli d’Italia (Giorgia Meloni) and Forza Italia (Silvio Berlusconi).


Fratelli d’Italia is heir to Alleanza Nazionale (AN) and the old MSI, which refers to fascism, but today it has become a party inspired by the French Front National (Marine Le Pen). Forza Italia instead defines itself as a party of moderates, anti-communist and Berlusconi has never hidden his personal friendship with Vladimir Putin. He has an important media empire and has great financial resources, while Lega Nord and Fratelli d’Italia have no money. And this is Berlusconi’s great strength for his leadership, even though he is an 81-year-old man.


Between the two opposing fronts (the globalist and the sovereign one) there is the M5S, which polls say are the first party in Italy. We’ll see if it’s really like that, but M5S has said it will not want to ally with anyone. But this way he will not be able to govern, because he will not be able to have an absolute majority of the votes.


This party is not easily definable on the right or on the left, nor is it a globalist or a sovereignist. It criticizes the EU, criticizes the international banking system, but it is fanatical of „digital democracy” and its premier candidate Luigi Di Maio has confirmed that Italy’s main ally must always be the USA…

What is the purpose of the many votes for the M5S? To create ungovernability? Without a strong government, Italy will have to continue to depend on the decisions of the Brussels bureaucracy. Italy will never have its national, political, economic or military sovereignty.


The leader of Lega, Matteo Salvini, wanted to turn the party into a national party, no longer macro-regional and very strong only  in the north of the country. But it is Northern Italy that represents the strength of the whole country and the debate grows within Lega. The governor of  Lombardy Region, Roberto Maroni, along with the governor of  Veneto, Luca Zaia, would prefer Lega Nord and the Lombard citizens  have voted in October in the referendum for regional autonomy.


I have met important exponents of the Russian government and the Leaders of the United Russia party and all know well the strength and importance of these regions of Northern Italy.


The national states were born in the nineteenth century, after the defeat of Napoleon and in many cases have incorporated reality and culture too different to be able to work well. The Austrian count von Metternich defined Italy as „a geographical expression”. I agree with Metternich. Between Milan, Rome and Naples there are enormous differences that not even 150 years of national unity have been able to overcome.


Northern Italy is increasingly tired of having to pay for the delays and corruption in Southern Italy. These arguments will have an important weight in the upcoming elections and in the North the citizens want to listen to these things. Also for this reason, disillusionment and disdain for politics is increasing, and the first Italian party is that of abstentionists. People do not go to vote anymore. The technocrats are happy if they increase abstention, because they will be able to say: “people do not want politicians, let’s go to govern us technicians”. Technicians equal globalism, anti-nationalism, anti-sovereignism. The sovereign alliance therefore has two powerful enemies: the left, butler of the technocrats, and the European and international technocrats. The next Italian elections will therefore show if Italy could be the first country in the EU to emerge from the globalist swamp and create a domino effect that could make us once again be masters of our destiny.