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Protests and clashes with the police continue in Georgia. Protesters managed to break into the parliament building in Tbilisi several times. The specialist on color revolutions Mikhail Saakashvili has already joined the process.

According to the latest data of the Ministry of Health of Georgia, more than 50 people were injured during the confrontation in Tbilisi (at least 40 of them are policemen).

The main skirmishes take place in front of the Parliament building.

The Georgian Interior Ministry called the protests at the parliament in Tbilisi an attempt of coup d`etat.

What the opposition requires

The opposition gave the ruling party 1 hour for the resignation of three high-ranking officials – the chairman of parliament Irakli Kobakhidze, the head of the Interior Ministry Giorgш Gakhariya and the head of the State Security Service Vakhtang Gomelauri. Then the protesters broke into the territory of parliament, according to media reports and staged riots.

How it all began

The Georgian opposition disrupted the session of the Interparliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy. The reason was that the head of the assembly, Sergei Gavrilov, who opened the meeting, was temporarily sitting in the chair of the Head of Parliament. Obviously, either it was a misunderstanding, or he was just offered to speak there (without malicious intent, or it was a special provocation – not yet known) – anyway, the opposition was waiting for any clue to launch protests. Opposition deputies from the “United National Movement” and “European Georgia” immediately left the hall, being very rude with Russian delegation, and the session of the session was suspended.

The oppositionists spread information about a visit by a deputy to Abkhazia, and when the Russian delegation left their hotel to the car, the radicals poured water on Gavrilov and threw bottles at delegates.

Gavrilov commented on the situation, and said that the situation was planned in advance.

The fact that the incident in parliament was only a pretext is evidenced by the fact that the opposition quickly and in an orderly manner began to strike (at the parliament building, then in the center of Tbilisi), and on the eve of protests American politicians visited Georgia. Gavrilov noted, that posters were drawn in advance, and among the protesters were English-speaking curators.

Provocation of pro-American forces and Saakashvili

Mass action very carefully thought out the day before. Right on the eve, Biden’s advisor Michael Carpenter visited Georgia and then published a tweet that added fuel to anti-Russian sentiments:

Just spent 3 days in Georgia. I’m not sure the gov fully understands the implications of its open door policy with Russia. With so many “tourists” (ehem FSB) & so much land being bought up by Russian businessmen, they may wake up one day and find not 20% but 100% occupied.

Interesting, that Carpenter’s work consists precisely in demonizing Russia – not just the 2018 tweet fixed from above includes 10 points about “evil Russia”, which interferes in all conflicts.

It is obvious that the provocation once again involved the pawn of the color revolutions of Mikhail Saakashvili, who immediately spoke out with the opposition and called for the ruling party “Georgian Dream” with Bidzina Ivanishvili to be removed from power.

Saakashvili stated that he was ready to join the coup process.

Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili has already responded to the statement of the provocateur Saakashvili. „It is absolutely unacceptable when a citizen of another country calls” the police he created „… to disobey. And such an anti-constitutional appeal is broadcast by public television,” she said.

Then the President of Georgia directly accused Russia of organizing the protests.

The same time – LGBT pride

Earlier, another incident occurred that was not related to the scandal in parliament, but revealed other painful points of Georgia (namely, external Western interference in the internal – this time spiritual – affairs of the country).

It all started with a statement about the gay pride in Tbilisi, the US President even dedicated a special post to him on Twitter and openly supported such an event.

Then the patriotic public and traditionalists, including Levan Vasadze, were strongly opposed. Vasadze’s proposal about the “National Legion”, which would not allow the pride to be held, was submitted by the liberal media as “pressure”, “oppression” and “threats”. Georgian Interior Ministry reported that it opened a criminal case on the fact of calls for the creation of illegal armed groups

However, Vasadze made it clear that there would be no weapons or the use of force – the Georgians (true Georgians), in his opinion, simply have to show that they are against the introduction of Western influence. Vasadze supporters have already organized a petition in defense of traditional values.

Why they needed a provocation

Previously we wrote that, finally, after the events of 2008, Russia and Georgia began to build relations very slowly and uneasy. Sensing this, the US started new provocations from scratch to remind of the so-called „Russian occupation”, and at the same time discredit the traditionalists and the Orthodox Assembly.

But the main thing, the goal of the pro-Western provocateurs is to put the “Russian agent” stamp on the patriotic and religious Georgian forces. The problem is that recent conflicts have reduced to the “Russian threat”, and opposition doesn`t mention that Georgians are really against homosexual perversions, and the Orthodox majority considers it unacceptable. The Patriarchate of Georgia openly declared that for the majority of the Georgian population it is a sin, and the corresponding action is the propaganda of sin, and directed against Christian morality.

In fact, the theme of the protests was artificially fabricated to shake the situation. Politically, everything is explained simply – all it happens less than one and a half year before the new parliamentary elections. By this time, it is necessary to demonize Russia as much as possible and break the emerging Eurasian vector of Georgia.

It is important that June 20 Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili ruled out the possibility of a rapprochement between Georgia and Russia on religious grounds, thereby adding fuel to the fire.

„What kind of Orthodox union can exist with the country that is not only an occupier of our territories, but also fights against religion, Christian rules”, she declared.

All that is happening in Georgia now is the battle for either the pro-Georgian or the pro-Western path. As an illustration of the latter – the next tranche of the IMF has come to Georgia, as if accidentally coinciding with the protests. wrote about this previously: “Our opponents in Georgia are playing a confrontation card with Russia as an argument in their favor. This, of course, is a lie, and there will not be anything good from pro-Western politicians after joining NATO. Now they will use all possible means for that”.

At this time, the „means” were really dirty – fighting the religious foundations.