Elon Musk: “We Will Coup Whoever We Want”

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With a fortune of $139 billion, the South African-born billionaire Elon Musk is the second richest man on Earth. In the Western media, Musk enjoys his role as an eccentric inventor. His futuristic entrepreneurial spirit is regarded as a symbol for a strong form of capitalism that is characteristic of the Californian Silicon Valley, which itself is constantly pushing the limits of modern-day capitalism and technological futurism. His electric cars manufactured by Tesla are have also been regarded as the future of transportation. However, when Musk admitted on the 22nd June last year that he was personally involved in the putsch against the elected President of Bolivia, his public image was significantly.

One question persists here – why Bolivia? Elon Musk’s business empire is heavily dependent on cheap lithium, as it is required for his Space X projects, batteries for his electric cars, etc. Alongside Chile and Argentina, Bolivia has one of the biggest lithium reserves in Latin America and the world. Together, the three Latin American states form the so-called Lithium Triangle, where 30% of the global reserves of the bright white metal are alleged to be located. Therefore, the indigenous socialist Evo Morales became an obstacle for the plans of Musk, who intended to buy up all lithium reserves around the world, in order to keep the price for the rare metal on the world market as low as possible. Then Morales intended to nationalise the lithium for the good of his people, in order to be able to produce batteries on its own, instead of selling it off for cheap, as well as further processing on the world market.

What is the USA doing when the interests of its own oligarchy are in danger? They call for a putsch with the help of their secret services and military, which is what eventually happened in 2019 in Bolivia. Musk commented on the events with the words “We will coup whoever we want [sic]!” In order to satisfy his thirst for cheap, he violated the will of the Bolivian people. The concept of human rights and democracy are just a facade in order to hide the brutal, power-crazed interests of the globalists and the United States.


But the globalists have failed to reckon with the Bolivian people. In October, the Bolivian electorate voted the Movement for Socialists (MAS) into government again. Now, Luis Arce – the former Economics Minister of the Morales cabinet – is the head of state, who demands more just conditions concerning the mining rights for lithium in Bolivia. As a consequence, it is not Tesla, but the German company K-Utec who were proposed for the contract for the construction of the mining facilities. For German car manufacturers VW, Daimler and BMW, this means that they will be able to purchase lithium for their own car production. But this is only possible if they respect the sovereignty of Bolivia on equal terms, and not by behaving in a “superior” manner towards Latin America, as the Bolivian people has made clear.

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