Chisinau Forum III: The panel Presentation of books by French authors translated and published by the Popular University of Moldova

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Antony Drumel, political activist and publisher, France.

Antony Drumel is a political activist and editor. He lived in Asia for several years and belonged to various political groups. He was in charge of the productions of the French publishing house „Le retour aux sources”, whose editorial line is clearly in line with the logic of our forum. He is at the origin of many editorial projects. Since 2017, he has been regularly invited to participate in international meetings. He will tell us more about the usefulness of publishing in our common struggle.

Publishing as a counter-propaganda weapon to the derealization society.

Dear friends, dear comrades,

I would like to thank our friend, the courageous Iurie Rosca, an eternal fighter for the freedom of peoples, for inviting me to this important symposium that brings us together this weekend. Especially since, by virtue of its position and its particular history, Moldova finds itself at the centre of a Gordian geostrategic knot… But what justifies my presence among you is that I had the opportunity to participate and contribute to the dissemination of most of the texts presented to you today through my editorial activities.

Publishing is therefore proving to be a key element in our struggle. But before getting to the point, a brief reminder of the context in which we operate: Basically, if it is a war we are facing, it is above all a war of a new kind. Some people refer to it as the „4th generation war”. It should be noted that this concept was born under the pen of four senior US army officers just after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the binary and Manichean paradigm that governed international power relations at the time. We then entered a new era. The illusory unification of Western countries that was to take place around and in what Fukuyama called „The End of History” and its supposedly flourishing economy, was in fact giving way to a new form of conflict: Indirect, muffled and psychological warfare – the war of the least evil would say some. More than that, it is indeed a war of influence and narrative that is being waged against our peoples in the service of a civilizational and economic project that ignores all the most elementary anthropological norms.

As you know, the media play a decisive role in deconstructing collective narrative and therefore in defining the norms of society that they are quick to question in favour of „storytelling” that aims to impose an ideology rather than to fix a reality on which we could rely in order to act accordingly. We are therefore permanently subject to the hazards of this falsified narrative. By pushing logic to the end, to the point of irony, derision and grotesque, we can even say that with the advent of TV series via broadcasting platforms, we can see that our populations, visibly dumbfounded by this tool of manipulation, come, in their understanding of things and despite a reality that screams louder and louder, to follow this narrative as we follow one of these series.

As if, in the end, the effects of this narrative had no concrete implications in their lives…

What is the purpose of this narrative ? It is a question of resizing and reshaping reality in order to modify the perceptions of our fellow citizens in order to make them accept the mad projects of our leaders. Construction of a real indexed to ideology, (Utopos, whose etymology is: which has no place) and ideology as an alibi for power. Low intensity chaos accepted as a norm in a society subject to all the sophisms and parallels of the identity subgroups that compose it. The European populations, who in turn thought they were priests, fell into their own trap. Today, the contradictions between reality and this narrative are so strong that the entire West is sinking into generalized incoherence (ambient schizophrenia, gender theory, anarchic mixing of populations).

The real and the limit no longer exist and we are subjected to a derealization effect that deeply affects our psychological and emotional structures.

So it is time to ask the age-old question, the one that keeps us awake, the one that makes us take risks, the one that makes us come together again today: What to do and with what tools? For our part, we have chosen to state the negative side of this narrative and indeed, publishing is a fundamental tool. It is a great ambition to have to rectify the truth, to propose a different paradigm in order to consider the other side of the mirror. However, we consider this to be a requirement and an existential duty. We are working on it and as much as possible.

This tool therefore has the function of being a platform for bringing together intellectuals and bringing their texts and theories to life despite the injunctions of political correctness. It is always amazing to realize that some of the writers in our communities are objectively among the most important intellectuals of our time. The aim is not only to challenge this falsified narrative but above all to identify the main tendencies that would make us tend, by synthesis effect, towards a discourse of truth and thus succeed in creating counter-fires to this ideology of derealization. Counterfeiters who, by capillarity, would end up innervating ever more numerous and important strata of our societies, which are themselves increasingly in demand for answers as the official narrative shatters on reality. Answers that our authors can provide them….

Finally, the last ambition is a more pragmatic function, that of catalyst. Indeed, the field of investigation is so vast and the approaches to the problem so numerous that we are regularly victims of our own sensitivities with the consequence of disabling divergences. We must also have the humility to recognize that we too are the children of modernity. It is in us, whether we like it or not. Our role is to bring together, reconcile and deal with the different currents that coexist in our communities in order to give them substance in order to better densify our global action.

Our authors are like synapses, we want to be their neurotransmitters.
In my opinion, this is also the function of this type of symposium.

Thank you very much.
Antony Drumel
September 2019.