Blackrock, Vanguard Rake In Billions for COVID Jabs

11:26, 17 decembrie 2021 | Actual | 449 vizualizări | Nu există niciun comentariu Autor:

Stockholders banking on the COVID-19 shots to line their pockets have very merry news this holiday season as they rake in the returns from a raging bull market on Moderna and Pfizer shares.

The two drug companies manufacture COVID-19 mRNA shots and with the Omicron variant sweeping the world, investors are sweeping the returns into their bank accounts. The eight top Pfizer and Moderna shareholders alone made a combined $10.3 billion.

Moderna’s CEO raked in $3.19 million all by himself; Blackrock investment company made $2.5 billion just in the week following the announcement that the Omicron variant had taken over. Vanguard made a whopping $1.01 billion from its shares in Moderna and $1.5 billion from Pfizer.