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Both: Theresa May’s Government hanging around, as well as actions of the European institutions – proof only the only one correct answer for fundamental question: What for real is BREXIT?

Just a trick.

The Knights Who Say „NO!”

In fact, after the ruling of the EU Court of Justice – the British are given three options for:

·     No Brexit.

·     No Deal.

·     No Profits.

That is, the total abandonment of BREXIT (negotiation trick, as we will see below), BREXIT without an agreement with the Union (also a marketing gimmick) or, finally, BREXIT without benefits, which in essence is not a real -EXIT.

It is also clear that, on one hand, neither Westminster nor Brussels is interested in either withdrawing the UK exit procedure from the EU, nor should BREXIT be proceeded seriously. Declaration that London may unilaterally cancel the effects of the  Referendum 2016 is a clear and insolent pressure on sincere supporters of LEAVE, and an alibi for those who support this postulate insanely. – Look … – they can say today to voters – … we have to agree to a deal, even unfavourable, because the alternative is to trample upon the democracy, Britain’s defeat and our return, like the unpleasant, under the wings of these horrible Eurocrats …! And that’s what it was all about from the very beginning: the voters who supported BREXIT, and the politicians (including these ones who used the same slogans) had different, and even opposite intentions and motives connected with this project.

Dead BREXIT Scetch

Let’s analyse these motives and actual effects. Some of Brits voted LEAVE because of the Immigrants Scare – meanwhile, welcoming of the newcomers is not related to EU membership (and similar – the right for work in the UK is not caused by the EU).

Farmers and fishermen voted LEAVE – first wanting the Custom Borders, which will not be restored, the second ones opposing the EU fishing quotas and reciprocal access, which will be hold.

The Britons also voted LEAVE in the hope ofTrump’spromised new Anglo-Saxon Economic Bloc – which does not exist and no one knows if anytime starts.

Finally, UKIP supporters and others voted against the EU contribution, for the time being maintained as a “Divorce Fee” and against Brussels bureaucracy, as a result of which it dictates Westminster what to do even more effectively.

So, in general – Brits had wanted the Holy Grail, but met only The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog…

Theresa Jabberwocky, And the Mome Raths Outgrabe

And, for worse – they have already noticed that, but they take it with the typical English phlegm. So, although BREXIT in the title still attracts readers – it is rather as an impulse to speculate, e.g. „if the houses prices decrease after that, when is the best time to sell or to buy the properties”, so, quite clever considerations. The British themselves seem to notice the falseness of their own politics, especially the parliamentary ritual, although of course there are no more obvious symptoms of that in official ones, very serious and anointed public comments. On the contrary, their authors at least pretend to take the Prime Minister’s efforts seriously, they analyse her chance to reach the majority for proposed deal agreement in the first, just delayed for a week voting; they count Tory MP’s signing calls for changing the leadership of the Party. And they also underestimate the fact that no general wants to become the commander-in-chief whose only task is to sign the capitulation, and no one wants to kill the Jabberwocky, if has to take his place. So, and participants, and commentators seem to be determined to bring all this circus to the final in another typically British style: pure nonsense.

Only Silly Walks

Let’s meet the truth – only the most blinded can have hopes / delusions today, that at the end of the entire process there will be a complete UK separation from EU, what was a base of BREXIT idea itself. On the contrary, politicians seem to test only at what point the public will blink, indicating that it has enough, got bored, believed, or in any case reveals active or passive acceptance of the option Any-BREXIT-You-Want-But-Make-It-At-Least-And-Stop-Bother-Us. A multitude of alleged variants (“Norwegian”, “Canadia”…), counting how many votes May finally barely win, and when eventually she will have to be replaced and new elections will be inevitable, still not solved national questions: Northern Irish and Scottish – all of these effectively makes the Brits tired. And even in the relatively multi-orientational and sometimes quite intelligent realities of British politics – and finally obscures the view.

The fact is, that for sure we can know only two things: first, that any variant will be chosen – that would be not so enormous tragedy, as some scare, and there be no such a prosperity, as the others promise. Because secondly, it is always the same thing – how many things man has to change to keep everything the same.

Always Look On The Bright Side Of…

But this is also a lesson for all nations dreaming about their own -EXITS. If they are to pass under the control and in direction pointed by present establishment (even fashionably divided on “Euro-Sceptics” and “Euro-Realists” and so on) – then the whole process will be duff, and again the Casino (i.e. Eurocrats and global financial elites) will win. And if the EXIT is to be spontaneous, real and bottom-up – then… it never happens. Of course, as long as the World retains its present shape, and global Centres of Power consider it profitable enough and do not propose something new.

For now, history, politics and prognostics assume that the English phlegm is right. After all, the most absurd humour is best served and accepted with a poker face. And what is more fun than politics? And Monty Python.

Konrad Rekas


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