Agreement between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and LGBT organizations in connection with “Tbilisi Pride” not reached

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An agreement between the Ministry of the Internal Affairs and LGBT organizations in connection with the holding of “Tbilisi Pride” has not been reached.

After meeting with Deputy Ministers Natia Mezvrishvili and Kakhaber Sabanadze, the Public Defender of Georgia told reporters that security issues were considered and the Ministry of Internal Affairs noted that in case of holding this event, not only the security of the Tbilisi Pride members will be under threat, but also the security of the state.

“The representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs recommended not holding “Pride” since it is linked with serious security risks. Of course, the decision will be made by community representatives, since they probably need to consult within organizations. At the meeting we also discussed various problems and issues, concerning the LGBT community” – Nino Lomjaria said.

According to Public Defender as for other events, including cultural events within Tbilisi Pride week, which are planned to be held in the closed space, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is ready to provide maximum security protection, which the police cannot guarantee in the case of open space.

Ombudsman attended the meeting which was held between the deputy interior ministers and the organizers of “Tbilisi Pride”.

LGBT activists who participated in the meeting did not make comment. According to them, they will publish a statement regarding their position.


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