About freedom of expression in moldova (and not only)

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The statement of the well-known Italian journalist and writer Giulietto Chiesa, a politician and civic activist, made public on one of the most popular media resources in Italy, Pandora TV, in support of Iurie Rosca

Dear friends of Pandora TV, I tell you today a very serious story, that nobody knows and that our media will not tell you in any case. Here we are dealing with the fate of an intellectual, a journalist, a Moldovan writer, a European dissident. His name is Iurie Rosca, and will be prosecuted by a local judiciary submitted to the government, with the accusation, in essence, of propaganda against the regime of that country.

It is obvious to everybody that instead of being an accusation, this is a medal of value: or rather an Orwellian accusation that reveals patently which kind of democracy have in mind the Moldavia-European agents who are bringing Moldova, against it’s will, to Europe.

But it is an accusation that can cost Rosca up to 7 years in prison.

The Moldovan government, unlike the current Moldovan President, Igor Dodon, is actually under the control of three foreign entities: the American Embassy in Chisinau; NATO which violates the Constitution (the Republic of Moldova is a neutral country), has already put its hands on the army of Moldova, and placed its troops in the country; the official representative of the European Union(Mogherini’s man).

I tell this not because I share all the ideas of Iurie Rosca. We have been, in the past, on very different positions, on many subjects. Today it’s not like that anymore, on many points. But not about it I would like to talk. The question is that Iurie Rosca’s freedom is mine freedom, our freedom. Those who want to lock up him in prison are the centers of new global Nazism, finance and war.

If this Moldova will enter Europe and NATO (the second possibility is only a matter of weeks) we Italians, we European peoples, will be in greater danger because allies like these, servants of the Masters of the Universe, are not at all reliables.

So send messages of solidarity to Iurie Rosca (roscaiurieppcd@gmail.com), and protest to the Moldovan embassy in Italy (roma@mfa.md).

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