A letter of solidarity with Iurie Rosca from Athens Dimitris Konstantakopoulos, Greece

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Dear Iurie,

I write you in order to express my solidarity and the solidarity of my comrades to you for the political persecution you are subjected to by the Moldovan authorities, with pre-fabricated and obviously unfounded accusations.

Moldovan authorities are not dupe. They know, as everybody else in your country knows, where to find the real criminals, the activity of whom has helped so much to plunder Moldova and Moldovans, turning the once so rich land of Moldova to the poorest state of Europe, sending one third of its population abroad.

I am sure the same criminals are behind the attack against you, a known political activist and former parliamentarian and a man known for his devotion to his ideas, even since the Soviet times. They are afraid that Moldovan citizens will punish their political representatives in the next elections.

But the Moldovan oligarchs are not acting on their own. They serve also Western imperialist interests to which they are closely connected. The attack against all independent voices, democratic rights, patriotic politicians, not only in Moldova, but also in a large part of Eastern Europe, especially in Poland, is preparing the establishment of neo-fascist regimes, absolutely necessary for the new Cold, or even Hot War they prepare against Russia.

Regarding South Eastern Europe, after Yugoslavia, after the Debt Wars against Greece and Cyprus, after provoking the civil war in Ukraine, Western Imperialism needs now to control absolutely FYROM, Serbia and Moldova in its way to Moscow.

All that makes the unconditional defense of people like you, or Mateus Piskorski and others, leftist or rightist politicians, under persecution in Poland, an absolutely vital task of any democrat and peace loving person in all Europe.

Athens July 5th

Dimitris Konstantakopoulos

Coordinator of the Delphi Initiative (www.DefendDemocracy.Press)