Study Shows Direct Correlation Between 5G Networks and “Coronavirus” Outbreaks

14:25, 26 mai, 2020 | Comentarii

The first study demonstrating a relationship between “coronavirus” outbreaks and the presence of 5G networks has emerged from Spain and is by Bartomeu Payeras i Cifre. Bartomeu is a biologist specializing in microbiology and is working at the University of Barcelona.

Trump terminates one more US – Russia agreement

14:55, 25 mai, 2020 | Comentarii

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the United States is withdrawing from the 1992 Open Skies Treaty, saying it is being used to “undermine international peace and security.

US Coronavirus “Bailout” Scam Is $6 Trillion Giveaway to Wall Street

13:41, 25 mai, 2020 | Comentarii

US Coronavirus “Bailout” Scam Is $6 Trillion Giveaway to Wall Street

As Moderna’s Covid-19 Vaccine Takes The Lead, Its Chief Medical Officer’s Recent Promotion of “Gene-Editing Vaccines” Comes to Light

13:22, 25 mai, 2020 | Comentarii

As Moderna’s Covid-19 Vaccine Takes The Lead, Its Chief Medical Officer’s Recent Promotion of “Gene-Editing Vaccines” Comes to Light

David Shahnazaryan: EU Triggers Azerbaijan to Start a New war

22:47, 22 mai, 2020 | Comentarii

Politician David Shahnazaryan is the guest of Yerevan.Today’s “Freedom of Speech” program. We discussed the controversial draft resolution adopted by the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee on May 19.

Fauci vs. Trump — Who’s Right?

11:50, 15 mai, 2020 | Comentarii

Ultimately, Fauci is not “The Decider” here. Trump is.

Faithful are banned from receiving Holy Communion in Germany (upd)

20:22, 14 mai, 2020 | Comentarii

The German government has forbidden the participation of the faithful in the Mystery of Holy Communion. Although the government allows the faithful to attend the Divine Liturgy, the offering of the Holy Communion with a spoon is banned.

Sweden Bans Mandatory Vaccinations Over ‘Serious Health Concerns’

12:52, 14 mai, 2020 | Comentarii

There’s no denying it: vaccines a controversial issue. On one hand, they have saved the lives of countless children and adults. On the other hand, they aren’t without serious risks.

The Illusion Of The Polish Road To Sovereignty

12:44, 14 mai, 2020 | Comentarii

This article was written by Polish journalist Konrad Rękas in response to Andrew Korybko’s latest piece about how „Germany Wants To Replace The Patriotic Polish Government With Europhile Puppets”.

Interview with Lucien Cerise: “facing the biopower, we do not have the economic capital but the human capital.”

12:35, 14 mai, 2020 | Comentarii

In a recent interview with Vice, the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has expressed his concern about the new incoming monitoring program, which he has called “the architecture of oppression”. We asked to Lucien Cerise about his analysis of the new incoming social control.

Swedes get futuristic high tech implants in their hands to replace cash and credit cars, eliminating Coronavirus contac

14:06, 12 mai, 2020 | Comentarii

People in Sweden are having high-tech futuristic microchips implanted into their skin to help them carry out everyday activities and […]

Bill Gates offered House of Reps $10m bribe for speedy passage of compulsory vaccine bill – CUPP alleges

15:00, 7 mai, 2020 | Comentarii

The Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP), on Monday, alleged that it has intercepted a human intelligence report that the Nigeria House of Representatives leadership was poised to forcefully pass the compulsory vaccine bill without subjecting it to the traditions of legislative proceedings.

They’re called the Good Club – and they want to save the world

16:10, 3 mai, 2020 | Comentarii

They’re called the Good Club – and they want to save the world

SpaceX successfully launches 60 more Starlink satellites as it continues towards 2020 service debut

14:27, 2 mai, 2020 | Comentarii

SpaceX has launched another big batch of Starlink satellites, the low Earth orbit spacecraft that will provide connectivity for its globe-spanning high-bandwidth broadband internet network. This brings the total number of Starlink satellites on orbit to 422, though the company plans to de-orbit two of those (the first two prototypes launched) shortly.

US considers ending intel sharing with countries that criminalize homosexuality

19:53, 1 mai, 2020 | Comentarii

The administration of United States President Donald Trump is considering the possibility of limiting or terminating the sharing of intelligence with countries around the world that criminalize homosexuality.