Breaking Down Medical ‘Fact-Checking’ Propaganda

11:13, 24 august, 2021 | Comentarii

Technocracy News & Trends readers should learn how to analyze “fact-check” or “debunking” stories that are frequently thrown in their […]

Kissinger: The Genesis of U.S. Government Population Control

11:09, 24 august, 2021 | Comentarii

Henry Kissinger was a founding member of the elitist Trilateral Commission that spawned todays drive toward Technocracy, aka the UN’s […]

Mass Psychosis: How to Create an Pandemic of Mental Illness

11:05, 24 august, 2021 | Comentarii

Technocracy defined itself in 1938 as “the science of social engineering.” This article sheds some light on the mechanics involved […]

Oregon Governor Brown Forcing All Educators To Be Vaccinated

11:01, 24 august, 2021 | Comentarii

Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s false assumptions about COVID lead to dystopian mandates-by-executive-orders more like a dictator than an elected politician: […]

Soaring: European Union Reports 1.9 Million Vaccine Injuries, 20,595 Deaths

10:54, 24 august, 2021 | Comentarii

Media “fact-checkers” try to discredit this information by saying that there aren’t stringent reporting requirements and that every case was […]

Up To 62% mRNA Vaccinated Show Evidence Of Blood Clotting

10:49, 24 august, 2021 | Comentarii

Dr. Charles Hoffe has been vilified in global media for his research. His income went to zero between being fired […]

Only Overwhelming Resistance Can Stop Technocracy’s Demonic Assault On Humanity

19:57, 16 august, 2021 | Comentarii

We are at war because war has been declared against us, not because we are a warlike people. We are […]

Silicon Valley Is Fused With the National Security State

19:55, 16 august, 2021 | Comentarii

Technocrats in Silicon Valley are bonded to Technocrats in the National Security State. This is the glue that binds. Their […]

Vaccine ID Passports: Merging Your Digital Identity Onto The Blockchain

19:53, 16 august, 2021 | Comentarii

The plan for a universal ID for every person on earth is for total and detailed tracking and monitoring. You […]

DHS: Opposing COVID Restrictions Equated To Terrorism

19:51, 16 august, 2021 | Comentarii

As more U.S agencies are weaponized against American citizens, those who oppose policies of mandated masks, social distancing and lockdown […]

Fauci Exposed: Censors Science To Protect Himself

19:49, 16 august, 2021 | Comentarii

Selective censorship of science is an oxymoron and produces subjective pseudo-science in its place. Fauci, a modern-day carpetbagger, has raised […]

Mercola Vs. Free Speech: Demonized, Censored, Slandered, Browbeat, Threatened

11:20, 9 august, 2021 | Comentarii

Who would have thought that in America, the land of Free Speech, that one person could be attacked so viciously […]

United Airlines Mandates Injections For 67,000 Employees

11:17, 9 august, 2021 | Comentarii

The lure of genetically modified injections, all unapproved by the FDA, is too great for global corporations to resist. Pilots […]

Apple Starts Scanning All Personal Photos And Images Uploaded To iCloud

11:15, 9 august, 2021 | Comentarii

Apple is now taking on the role of policeman as it starts scanning all of your photos uploaded to its […]

Five Eyes: Biden Authorizes Access To Everyone’s Social Media

13:24, 5 august, 2021 | Comentarii

Technocrats in Big Tech have opened up governments like so many cans of sardines in order to aggregate virtually all […]