Masks Are A Ticking Time Bomb For Humans And Environment

16:12, 9 aprilie, 2021 | Comentarii

Technocrat social engineers viewed face masks as a necessary tool to create a submissive population, but gave no regard for […]

Claim: India becoming a ‘technocracy like China’

16:10, 9 aprilie, 2021 | Comentarii

A prominent entrepreneur from India has pointedly called China a Technocracy and warned that India is at risk of turning […]

Is 2021’S Fictional Cyberattack Simulation Prepping Us For A Cyber Pandemic?

16:08, 9 aprilie, 2021 | Comentarii

by Robert Wheeler Many readers are aware of a simulation conducted by the World Economic Forum called Event 201 that preceded the COVID pandemic. Event 201 eerily described […]

Tyrant Klaus Schwab Declares Unvaccinated People To Be A Threat To Humanity

20:26, 6 aprilie, 2021 | Comentarii

Several dozen heads of the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Economic Forum (WEF), and various other globalist bodies have declared […]

NY Senate Just Passed A Concentration Camp Bill To Forcibly Throw People In Camps

20:24, 6 aprilie, 2021 | Comentarii

The Democrat-dominated New York state Senate has passed a bill “allowing” government officials to throw people in concentration camps indefinitely if they are deemed […]

How Big Banks Will Force Americans Into The Great Reset

20:16, 6 aprilie, 2021 | Comentarii

The global banks will be the principal fulcrum to lever the world into the Great Reset, which is Technocracy, a […]

Sweden Dumps Bill Gates Plot To Dim The Sun With Chalk Dust

20:13, 6 aprilie, 2021 | Comentarii

Sweden a huge supporter of the UN’s Sustainable Development program, and one of the most progressive nations on earth, and […]

Big Tech Is Not Immune From State Anti-Censorship Laws

20:06, 6 aprilie, 2021 | Comentarii

When, as and if states wake up to their own sovereignty, they will realize that they could destroy Big Tech […]

Vaccines using fetal tissue: 12 faulty assumptions

19:53, 6 aprilie, 2021 | Comentarii

Some beliefs about the morality of vaccines using fetal tissue are flawed because they rest upon faulty assumptions — thus, […]

UK Miscarriages Rise 366% After Taking COVID-19 Vaccine

16:07, 4 aprilie, 2021 | Comentarii

Granted that the numbers are still relatively small, but the statistical increase is stunning. Medical consequences of taking the COVID […]

Microsoft Scores $21.9 Billion U.S. Army Contract For Augmented Reality Headsets

16:05, 4 aprilie, 2021 | Comentarii

Some employees are not happy about this: “We did not sign up to develop weapons, and we demand a say […]

Mercola: Transhumanism Exposed Beneath Gene Therapy Vaccine ‘Software Updates’ To Your Body

16:02, 4 aprilie, 2021 | Comentarii

TN has written for years that Technocracy and Transhumanism are twin concepts. Technocracy transforms society (ie, Great Reset) and Transhumanism […]

Biden Administration Calls On Private Companies To Create Vaccine Passports

15:58, 4 aprilie, 2021 | Comentarii

In a sort of Public-Private Partnership, the Biden Administration will set “guidelines” for the development of vaccine passports. However, there […]

Technocrat Vision For The Future Of Food

15:53, 4 aprilie, 2021 | Comentarii

In 2014, China announced it was moving 100 million rural farmers off of their farms (permanently) and into cities, in […]

Revealed: Propaganda Template For Vaccine Passports

15:44, 4 aprilie, 2021 | Comentarii

Propaganda is a one-sided and skewed presentation of the facts in order to manipulate people into doing things that they […]