‘This is not America’ – Bannon crashes in Europe

08:59, 23 august, 2019 | Comentarii

Steve Bannon came to Europe to unite the Euroskeptic populist forces. Instead he created chaos and even betrayed his closest […]

When, If Ever, Can We Lay This Burden Down?

10:13, 22 august, 2019 | Comentarii

Is it too soon to ask: What have we gained from our longest war? Was all the blood and treasure […]

A healthy economy should be designed to thrive, not grow

19:29, 19 august, 2019 | Comentarii

What would a sustainable, universally beneficial economy look like? „Like a doughnut,” says Oxford economist Kate Raworth. In a stellar, […]

The US Economic Warfare

13:32, 19 august, 2019 | Comentarii

The United States became a militarized state, a perpetual war machine, fundamentally oriented towards the domination of the other states, […]

New York Times shows why they will lose

17:27, 18 august, 2019 | Comentarii

Why are the citizens of Europe so angry and turning away from the established parties? It must be because of […]

Trump’s Great Gamble

17:19, 18 august, 2019 | Comentarii

Like the Russian army carting off German factories after World War II, the Great Arsenal of Democracy was looted by […]

The US and the global promotion of Hybrid Wars. A perspective from Latin America

17:02, 18 august, 2019 | Comentarii

The great English geopolitical theoristHalford Mackinder in his famous conference “The geographical pivot in history” in 1904 divided the world […]

“Russia and Europe” conference in Rome: discussion outlining topical issues of international journalism

12:37, 16 august, 2019 | Comentarii

TOP russian and European media experts and diplomats will discuss the challenges of new political scene and international relations September […]

‘List of Soros’ Names 226 MEPs in Europe Who Are Under the Complete Control of George Soros

14:32, 14 august, 2019 | Comentarii

The “list of Soros” exposes the EU as nothing more than a mechanism for the elitist billionaire to promote his […]

The vocation to contest the hegemon: A Romanian contribution against American global empire

10:38, 14 august, 2019 | Comentarii

Preface to the English version of the book “America’s plans for world hegemony” by Calistrat M. Atudorei to be published […]

FBI harassing US citizens for attending Iran-linked event

14:18, 12 august, 2019 | Comentarii

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is going after American citizens who have already attended or plan to attend […]

Calistrat M. Atudorei: The Reorientation of the European Union

09:36, 10 august, 2019 | Comentarii

European Union leaders began to realize that Europe cannot afford to become a battlefield during the New Cold war between […]

Trump’s Skripal Sanctions Driven By Re-Election Strategy, Bid to Boost Boris Johnson – Analysts

14:47, 4 august, 2019 | Comentarii

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The latest US sanctions imposed on Russia were motivated by President Donald Trump’s desire to look tough […]

Hybrid Warfare: Challenges, Hazards, Vulnerabilities. Russia has little time to develop its own vision of the future

14:32, 4 august, 2019 | Comentarii

In the modern situation, when the U.S. hegemony is weakening and Russia and China are gaining power in world developments, […]

From humanitarian interventions to economic warfare: the US path to Global Hegemony

14:26, 4 august, 2019 | Comentarii

The following article constitutes the Introduction of the coming English version of Calistrat M. Atudorei’s book: Planurile Americii Pentru Hegemonia Mondiala (America’s […]