Jihadists in Idlib attack Christian city for 2nd straight day

11:42, 13 mai, 2019 | Comentarii

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:00 A.M.) – The jihadist rebels in the Idlib Governorate has attacked the Christian city of Al-Sqaylabiyeh for […]

Iranian cleric warns US fleet ‘can be destroyed with one missile’

09:32, 11 mai, 2019 | Comentarii

Senior Iranian cleric Ayatollah Yousef Tabatabai-Nejad has dismissed the US carrier group’s deployment in the Middle East, suggesting that the fleet […]

CIA used secret missile to kill terrorists ‘with no explosion’– report

19:30, 10 mai, 2019 | Comentarii

The US government has developed a secret missile to launch pinpoint airstrikes against terrorists and their leaders “with no explosion”, the Wall Street […]


21:47, 9 mai, 2019 | Comentarii

It is well known that the ”Washington Post” is one of the most important tentacles of the octopus called mainstream […]

Notre-Dame de Paris Fire and the War on Beauty

12:17, 16 aprilie, 2019 | Comentarii

The burning of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris should be seen as an act of war by the state on the […]

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on Fire, Worker Claims it Was „Deliberately” Started

11:45, 16 aprilie, 2019 | Comentarii

The famous Notre Dame cathedral in Paris is on fire, with one worker claiming that the blaze was deliberately set. […]

Mihail Manoilescu: “Protectionism 2.0” – The (New) Name of the (Old) Game in Postwar Developmentalism

12:09, 15 aprilie, 2019 | Comentarii

By Larissa BACK Mihail Manoilescu, more than an engineer, journalist or professor, was a Romanian political and economic thinker. Although in […]

Julian Assange arrested after Ecuador tears up asylum deal

13:07, 11 aprilie, 2019 | Comentarii

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been dragged out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where he has spent the last […]

Israel and the Golan Heights: A Wider Geopolitical Game

12:15, 28 martie, 2019 | Comentarii

In the recent autumn session of the United Nations General Assembly a number of resolutions involving the Syrian Golan Heights […]

The New Silk Road and the Return of Geopolitics

10:39, 11 martie, 2019 | Comentarii

“With strong roots, plants will grow. With right approach, people will succeed.” Yang Jiechi, Director of the CPC Central Foreign […]

Alain de Benoist: ‘Europe is a colony of the financial markets’

13:05, 26 februarie, 2019 | Comentarii

The well-known French writer and philosopher Alain de Benoist, in this exclusive interview, gives his views on what he calls […]

Viktor Orbán joins right-wing leaders’ plan to take over EU – and predicts there will be “two civilisations” in Europe in the future

10:14, 25 februarie, 2019 | Comentarii

Matteo Salvini, the right-wing Interior Minister in the Italian government, recently called for a Rome-Warsaw axis to build “a new […]

Welcome to the family of future political prisoners, dear Manuel!

19:16, 16 februarie, 2019 | Comentarii

Good news comes from the battle front against the planetary oligarchy. Opinion leaders from the international conservative movement are persecuted, […]


08:24, 5 februarie, 2019 | Comentarii

Foreword Is it a coincidence that many conflicts break out in countries where the impact of corruption is corrosive? Behind […]

Democrats’ America: The Heart of Darkness

15:49, 25 ianuarie, 2019 | Comentarii

If it was the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that black and white would come together in friendship […]