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A Pyrrhic Victory – Maia Sandu: Confessions of a Christian Optimist – 16 11 2020

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November 15th saw the completion of the electoral game between Igor Dodon and Maia Sandu, between the two belligerent sides, one considered pro-Russian, the other pro-Western. In this fratricidal political war, preliminary results project Maia as winner. And as habits dictate, the winning side is jubilant, the losing side weeps. Sad story, depressing sight!

Under a quasi-generalised collective alienation, how to explain to anybody that the decisively and completely defeated, is one’s very own nation. Nonetheless, perfectly aware of the impenetrable opaqueness of a large mass of the population, irremediably zombified, I am doing my duty of chronicler of public life, and faithfully depict the history of the malaise. And as always, my work reaches the few, the select, that possess critical spirit and decency, unspoiled by the System that has contaminated the entire society, heart and soul.

But first, an explanatory note on the title. A pyrrhic victory takes such a heavy toll on the victor that is tantamount to a defeat, negating any true sense of achievement. In our case, those that believe themselves to be victors in the elections concluded yesterday, were as well defeated. Why that is the sad case, we shall see below.

I would like to add the following remark. Stepping on the rake is a national sport not only for Moldavians. It lies, at the foundation of the republican political system, based on universal vote and pluripartidism. This system introduced in the first place the myth of sovereign nation, that has inverted the traditional hierarchic pyramid, where the sovereign was the monarch, king, prince, Lord’s anointed ( I make these historical digressions, because without them it is impossible to understand today’s reality). But, after the fall of France in 1789, those belonging to the Third Estate, the merchants, or rising bourgeoisie, promoted the concept of sovereign people, instilled the masses the illusion of entering the historical scene and assuming the decision making at state level. Actually, the only gaining from the so-called Revolution, self-proclaimed French, were the merchants, that controlled capital, and by no means the masses of peasants, that had been manipulated by the former by means of masonic lodges and the press they owned.

Since then, this story has been unfolding continuously. Real power belongs to capital holders, so is of economic nature, not political, while the masses are nothing more than manipulated mobs, whose illusion of participating in forming state power and decision making at state level is being cynically manufactured. Ever since, the political has become the serf of economy, or more specifically, the primacy of the economy over the political in the system, so-called democratic, has become a total social commitment. Moreover, the historic episodes of totalitarianism, either left-wing or right-wing, from the past century merely confirm this reality. Fascism and communism, as forms of state capitalism have been conquered by triumphant liberalism, this economic and socio-political model expanding itself to a global reach after the collapse of the USSR. Namely, we find ourselves in this paradigm, from this perspective must the recent presidential elections be assessed.

Therefore, the liberal virus as undeclared state ideology, and as only accepted worldview (Weltanschauung), constitutes the very essence of the society that we have known these past three decades. The accurate term for this type of society is “money civilization”. This is because money represents the absolute reference system, undisputed and axiomatic. It represents the only value that really matters. “Homo Economicus” knows and acknowledges no other values. Returning to our electoral mess, we notice the common analysis of the election results: the pro-Western Maia has won against the pro-Russian Dodon. But the truth is other than what the masses believe, having been deceived by the two belligerent sides. As a matter of fact, it is a victory of High International Finance, whose agent is Maia, over Russian oligarchy, whose representative is Dodon. The dominion of global oligarchy, as well as the dominion of Russian oligarchy is money. Capital always acts beyond political party dialectics, has no national values, and uses state power exclusively for exploiting resources and consolidating its economic power, that is the only real power. Therefore, however bitter this truth may be, not the people have prevailed, but globalist plutocracy. Generally speaking, in a system of mass democracy the people never win, but get invariably defeated. Here is a simple, elementary truth, but so difficult to understand and especially difficult to accept by the zombified masses, whose minds have been forged according to the liberal matrix, an illusion, that exalts the myth of the citizen, of human rights and all the other elements of this wide-spread manipulation. Confronted with such an intellectual exercise, the average man freezes, refusing any call to drop the blinkers, and revaluate some of his prejudices.

The electoral merry-go-round has become such a common experience, that distancing oneself from it becomes particularly difficult. The enthusiasts of yesterday, Maia’s adepts, after the electoral balloon deflates, will become the frustrated of tomorrow, cursing the object of their recent adoration and preparing themselves for the reckoning the coming elections. Nothing new in this story. The electoral mill will launch on the market other idols, shooting down those of yesterday, the spectacle being ritualistically resumed never-ending.

When asked, the people always choose Baraba over Jesus. The masses lack discernment, they guide themselves, or more accurately, are being guided using completely different triggers. The managing of perception has become so subtle nowadays, so that any nullity can pe presented as overman and every hero can be painted as the basest of tyrants. Electoral marketing, based on manipulation via audio-visual press and internet, functions perfectly. In a society of spectacle what matters is not substance, but semblance. That is, how one is being portrayed to the public by the mainstream media.

It is true that Dodon was so obnoxious, arrogant, greedy, and moronic during his presidency, that he arranged himself the electoral defeat. Here is why several weeks before I was saying that the most important electoral argument for Maia, was just Dodon. The contrast favoured her enormously. And neither money, nor massive propaganda, nor support from Moscow could save the unfortunate Dodon. What follows, is his ritualic execution, and a highly likely sentencing and incarceration, if, of course, he does not swiftly take flight to Moscow. This, however, hardly matters, even if his public lynching will bring a certain satisfaction to the advocates of the “European vector”. The people enjoy seeing former big shots executed, it’s the small pleasure of troubled man, wronged by all administrations.

After this new round of collective drunkenness that is the elections is over, it is good to ask ourselves what happens next. I attempt to answer bellow this question, but not before saying a few words on those that solemnly self-proclaim “diaspora”. This notion, that once upon a time denoted the sum of Jewish communities dispersed throughout the world after the destruction of Jerusalem, gains completely other meanings at this present time. Moldavian economic migrants, that moved to foreign labour markets (especially those working in western nations!) assume themselves the position of spearhead, revolutionary avant-garde, cream of the crop of a society they have abandoned, advocates of the pro-European current. In reality, we’re talking about people that had been forced by the international economic system to leave abroad, that ascribed Moldova the status of economic colony of transnational corporations, and the working age population- the position of slaves, or precariat, of human resources to be exploited to the limit abroad. That is, this mass of manoeuvre of globalist capitalism, that has been debased to the degrading status of slaves, has been transformed by the same globalist capitalism into a “shock detachment” for Maia Sandu. The long queues of Moldavians in Western cities, that were stepping on each other to vote for Maia, resembled a woeful procession of cattle steered skilfully to the slaughterhouse. But let us allow the wretched victors savour their supposed. Because within several months this joy will turn to the deep bitterness felt by the average man, deceived by somebody he has invested so much hope.

Under the economic crisis without parallel in history, caused by the globalist forces, that also invented Maia, unemployment will hit frightening highs, affecting not only the “the happy slaves” from Western plantations, but also the Moldavians left home. What follows is a global food crisis, likewise caused by the same architects of the Great Reset that prepare humanity to enter “the new normal”, that is to follow after the special operation “Covid-19” has been completed. And just as the draconian measures, justified by the fake pandemic, will harshen further under Maia’s administration, her supporters will soon have the unfortunate opportunity to curse, hex and accuse her of dashed hopes. (naïve voters always find themselves in the situation of the husband cuckolded by an easy wife) Abandoned without a crumb of bread, forced to wear masks like muzzles, they and their children, under house arrest, and barred from travelling abroad, and domestically in their own country and place of residence, forced to accept vaccination and chip-implants, today’s enthusiasts, enamoured by Maia’s ghost, tomorrow will shed useless belated tears.

Few, too few, are those that have listened to my arguments these past several months. When I was stating that the globalist satanic agenda receives approval by all presidential candidates alike, and that between these political puppets there is are no difference in principles, I knew I cannot lead a giant intellectual leap amongst the masses mesmerised by television and the electoral spectacle. Despite everything, I have carried out my duty and said what it was needed to be said. Today I continue in the same manner.

I underscore once more. The fact that Dodon showed himself to be a crook and oaf, does not mean in the slightest that Maia is a cut above. And to the obsessive question “What is to do then?” I have answered you: do not participate in the elections. They are hopelessly irrelevant. It is even worse, you are out of the frying pan, and into the fire! But if people refuse to remove their heads out of the box called TV-set, what can I do for them? If, television thinks for the people, how can I save them from their state of brainlessness? Here is why my message reached only the few. Television has completely liquidated the thinking ability of modern society. This drug that kills the mind, this spell that overtakes the soul rampages with truly sinister and catastrophic devastation. God is my witness I have told you these problems countless times before. Some have listed and thank God! These are the few that have saved their minds from the democratic poison and pitfalls of television. The rest is just mass of manoeuvre conditioned for the Great Reset, for collective euthanasia within the operation of vaccination and chip implanting, under the pretext of the pandemic. It is in the historical period that bears deep and multiple apocalyptic signs that this ridiculous and stupid electoral race also occurred. And it worked perfectly, twice the pitfall: first as a wild goose chase, second as a trap for fools.

Now for some final remarks. Maia Sandu is the spearhead of the globalist satanic mafia, that will implement with maximum efficiency the agenda of the World Government of installing The New World Order. The Republic of Moldova will see its sovereignty completely abolished, falling without hope of recovery into the state of colony of the Global Occult, that operates via some globalist organisations such as The World Economic Forum, UN, IMF, World Bank or World Health Organisation. Consequently, as I was saying, the economic disaster will be on a global scale, unprecedented in history, also tremendously impacting our country, all rights and liberties will continue to be treaded on by the World Government, by uses of colonial administrations, as Maia’s will be.

The persecution of those opposing the globalist agenda of installing a global technocratic dictatorship will intensify. A brand of communist regime, akin the Chinese one today, reinforced with Artificial Intelligence and robotics, genetic engineering, and mass extermination through eugenics programmes of radically reducing the world population, seems to be inevitable. In these conditions, the ignorant continue their usual life, while Noe prepares the arc of salvation. The righteous Noe does allow himself to be demoralised by public mockery. The deluge is imminent, and salvation comes by listening to God and preparing the ship of salvation.

Referencing a style of speech of Rene Guenon, that he employed it as title for one of his books, we can say we live in the epoch “Reign of Quantity”. And Maia’s victory is likewise the product of reign of quantity. The entire story of electoral “numerology”, with the sum of votes and electoral percentages that dazzle the minds of the masses, is nothing more, as I was telling you, than a farse, a smoke screen, a manoeuvre of those that control global wealth as we speak. Maia as adopted daughter of global plutocracy, of international banksters, will not derail from their word. The globalist onslaught will avalanche faster than ever over us. And chances of salvation have only those that see in The Church of Christ, Noe’s arc, that will forgo their current lives and withdraw to the countryside, will not accept under any form the globalist dictatorship, mandatory vaccination, and chip-implants and status of domesticated animal of the forces of absolute evil.

Therefore, the picture is not promising. Alone we are powerless. But allied with God we are invincible. It is unknown whether the final act of history is already unfolding, or God allows this world to continue, stopping the total offensive of the forces of evil. Instead we know well what we Christians must do under any circumstances: prayer, fasting, dignified life, courage, spirit of self-sacrifice, limitless faith in God’s mercy and omnipotence. Let us do our duty of good Christians, and let as leave aside fear, not follow into hearsay, but search for our own way. And everything else, our Father who are in Heaven will take care of.

Translator Mihail Hașiu