America’s Plans and Geopolitics

18:27, 23 iulie, 2019 | Comentarii

Although the term geopolitics was introduced in political theories at the end of the nineteenth century, the study of the […]

Petition: Medical Attention for Sheikh Zakzaky, being held in Nigeria

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E. Mr. Antonio Guterres Secretary General of the United Nations Mr. Secretary General, We write to demand that Sheikh Zakzaky […]


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I have treasured information and news circulating in Italy these days to write the article that wants to tell the […]

‘I was shifted from one detention centre to another one’

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Exclusive: Poland’s political prisoner Mateusz Piskorski in his first international interview for FreeWestMedia, speaks about the accusations against him, about […]

The Deconstruction of Democracy

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The Concept of “Democracy” Is Not Neutral and Not Self-Evident Democracy today cannot be discussed objectively. It is not a neutral concept: […]

Radu  Toma: On hegemony

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Brief thoughts on Atudorei M. Calistrat ”America’s Plans for World Hegemony”, a geopolitical book to be published in Romania. This […]

Sergei Shoigu: the World is becoming Multipolar. Russia is a pillar of the global equilibrium

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Below, we report a brief account of the Conference on the Defense of the Russian Federation, held in the framework […]

Iranian President calls White House ‘mentally retarded’ over recent sanctions

17:37, 25 iunie, 2019 | Comentarii

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has stated that the sanctions against Tehran show the US administration’s “despair”, calling the White House […]

Your Nineteen Eighty-Four Sources in Full

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“In the torture scenes, he is merely melodramatic: he introduces those rather grotesque machines which used to appear in terror […]

Global Battleground: A World Between Geopolitics And Globalization

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This piece discusses about the battle ground for resources and strategic locations across the globe. Moreover, the article also discusses […]


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Advances in machine intelligence and artificial neural networks open the way to the creation of a super-power system, which is […]


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Protests and clashes with the police continue in Georgia. Protesters managed to break into the parliament building in Tbilisi several […]

Trump To Keep Moscow At Distance In 2020 Race To Negate Rivals’ ‘Russiagate’ Card – Expert

09:21, 21 iunie, 2019 | Comentarii

US President Donald Trump will keep distance from Moscow during his 2020 election campaign in order to prevent his opponents […]

Agreement between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and LGBT organizations in connection with “Tbilisi Pride” not reached

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An agreement between the Ministry of the Internal Affairs and LGBT organizations in connection with the holding of “Tbilisi Pride” […]


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Editor’s note: Despite evidence of President Trump making this statement in the transcript of the interview, it has been extremely […]